Can Rick Shiels beat a 4 handicap golfer? #Break75 S2E12

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Hi I'm Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is developed to assist you play much better , likewise to assist you enjoy your more!

I specialise in golf club evaluations, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about .

I likewise want to make you play better golf by supplying coaching video on all subjects about golf, how to repair your piece, repair your hook, assist you drive the longer, hit your more pure, hit your closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your rating by cracking much better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball more detailed and likewise produce backspin. Also I will supply you assist to putt much better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also laugh at and amusing golf material based upon insane and sometimes "gimmicky" . I like to cut through the marketing buzz about products and I like to provide you the truthful fact about golf equipment.

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Can Rick Shiels beat a 4 handicap golfer? #Break75 S2E12

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    1. @starwf07 same I was watching on my tv and opened up the app to see if anyone else in the comments saw what I saw

    1. Playing off 13 and I’m happy with that. I’m 58 and I don’t see the need for me to improve any more than that.

  1. Wondered how many episodes it’d take for guy to basically get his own break 75. Well produced

  2. Love seeing guy’s shots on these as well! Always appreciate a little extra content! Good work, this is definitely you best series

  3. Only half way through but already thinking this is the best break75.

    Great looking course
    Seeing shots from both rick and and guy
    And the way you’re both talking about each shot!

    Also how good is rick’s golf right now 🔥

  4. The chemistry between Guy and Rick is amazing… even more than the pod… would be great to see you abroad on course in Spain/Portugal/Europe.

  5. I played off scratch and regularly shot under par. The key to getting from a 4 handicap down to scratch is to get good at a small number of shots.
    Trying for draws, fades, high and low shots on every other hole will lose you strokes.
    We are not pros, we don’t get 5 hours of practise everyday.
    Dial in one shape of shot off the tee. Dial in one good shape of iron shot. Use these everywhere unless you are forced to hit a different shape shot.
    Make tee to green as simple as possible. If you have to hit something low. Take extra club, use your normal swing but hit the ball softer. Let’s not get flash and try the Tiger stinger. 🙂
    Lastly practise your putting and 100 yards and in the most.
    Can I just say that I love watching Ricks stuff. Golf as we all know it. Thins, blocks, pulls and the odd duff mix in well with the good stuff.

    1. No need to go past this. I play off 2 and this advice is the best I’ve seen. From a 30 handicapper to scratch, perfect advice

    2. Exactly what I was thinking, middle of the fairway, 150 yds out and for some reason guy tried to hit a cutty, chippy 8 iron…… How about just an 8 iron??? 🤷‍♂️

    3. @Dean Dunnachie I think Tiger went wrong the minute he started doing weights and trying to add all these extra shots to his game. He hit a hard super high 6ft cut off the tee and most fairways. That won him loads of stuff. He made it more complicated and winning got more complicated. Not to mention the injuries.

    4. @Erik I did the same but from a nice high draw to a fade. 2 months on the driving range put it back right. We watch TV pros and get all these flash ideas.

    5. I very rarely hit driver these days, more often then not I’ve won games of golf by just hitting the fairway nice and straight rather then trying to get extra yardage with a club I know I’m not brilliant with, however on the other hand I know my driver won’t get better by leaving in the bag

  6. As a HUGE fan of the podcast, it was awesome to see a longer format video with all of the shots from both you and Guy. Guy is a humble lad and I’m glad he’s on this journey with you. Definitely can tell you guys shared some collaboration with Good Good lol. Keep up the great work!!

    1. I think Grant (particularly) has rubbed off on him. The positive talk on position off the tee is a clear change in his mindset.

  7. Really enjoy the break 75 when you show the other golfers too!

    Please keep this format for future!

  8. love watching you guys on the podcast and was so happy to see match between the two of you!

  9. You and tiger are my two favorite golfers. Thank you for all your videos and passion. You’ve taught me so much this past year. Glad I started playing a year ago. Keep up the great work brother.

  10. This content is just amazing to me. I really enjoy the banter as well as the golf. You make it seem like I am there with you guys. Please keep making more videos like this. I am a new subscriber but I am fully engaged in your videos. The best Golf videos on youtube in my opinion.
    If you ever make it to the Southeastern United States I would love to do a Can I beat Rick Shiels if I start 10 under video….LOL

  11. I love Guy’s swing, beautiful tempo, and fluid release. I am a strange 18 handicap. Occasionally breaking 80 and occasionally struggling to break 100. All my lost strokes come from OB/lost tee shots. As long as I get my tee-shot into play, I make par, a bogey if really comes bad, but regularly losing 9 balls per round. I think I need a shrink, not a pro. But neither my distances, nor my swing nor my short game looks anything like my friends who have 18 ish hcp. But my tee-shots scatter more than many 36 hcpers. 😂

  12. Great Video! Great play, lovely clothing, beautiful course, funny and qualitativ editing!! Love to see you break 75!

  13. Break 75’s for the rest of the year!! Bloody brilliant. The easiest, most enjoyable golf content to watch.

  14. Really love these break 75s as it gives a look at ups and downs of a full round and like this episode you kept it together…well played. Shame for Guys last hole…maybe needs a Monster around hole 15

  15. One of my favorite episodes. I love the new, longer format. It’s nice to be able to see your playing partner’s score. Thanks!!! 🙂

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