Can I break par if I use a TOUR caddie?


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Hi I'm Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is developed to help you play much better golf, likewise to assist you enjoy your golf more!

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Can I break par if I use a TOUR caddie?

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  1. Rick, would love to see a “day in a life” vlog or “week in a life” with yourself to get to know you more. Loving the content as always

  2. Caddies have always amazed me. The understanding they have and the course testing they do is amazing. Not only that, but the mental support they give to the player is crucial

    1. @Brian Sim How is that debatable. If I go and dedicate my life to fishing while you work a 9-5 I am going to be a better fisherman than you. But if the role was reversed you would be a better fisherman than me. Simple.

  3. This was great to watch. I would also like to suggest a cool video idea, being a Pro player with an average player as a caddy, vs. an average player with a tour pro caddy. For obvious reasons the pro player would have to take the advice of the average player as the caddy.

  4. The “disappointing the caddie” is definitely a an aspect I can relate to😂. Thank you for another Friday episode! Loving these!

    1. 🔝Hello, congratulations🔝🔝 you’ve been selected among the lucky winners. Send a direct message above to acknowledge your prize. Thank you 🎁🎁🎁.

  5. Rick: Hits 35 draws to the left side.
    Also Rick: Aims right to play the draw – hits it straight.
    He’s one of us. Bless him.

    1. 🔝Hello, congratulations🔝🔝 you’ve been selected among the lucky winners. Send a direct message above to acknowledge your prize. Thank you 🎁🎁🎁!!

  6. I always love the way caddies (mostly as far as I know) always try and think positively during a round. Never say anything negative to the player, to keep the thoughts positive

  7. Brilliant. And what a great guy he is. The thought that goes into each shot and the confidence he gives the player is incredible.

  8. Great video, Rick. Will’s such a pro. I bet when Lexi is on course to shoot 80 sometimes, he works his magic and keeps her mind in the game. Caddies are overlooked for sure! Cheers 🤘

  9. I think the confidence a caddie can give you is the invaluable feeling a player benefits from. If you trust them, you’re more likely to make better swings. Better swings make lower scores.

    Confidence is such a big part of this game.

  10. Brilliant episode. Thoroughly enjoyable. Some of the best rounds I’ve ever had have been with caddies. Just about how much to carry or lay up and especially the putting!

  11. I agree that caddies definitely keep you level headed. Helping control your emotions. Especially after poor shots. There very good at not just reading the course but counseling you through the frustrations of golf..

  12. This was fantastic! So fun to see the calming effect that a good caddie brings! Way to stick with it and finish with a great round!

  13. Will is awesome.
    Where Rick would normally go of course and get discouraged, Will kept him positive, focused on making good decisions, and staying out of trouble.
    Easy to see why Lexi is able to be one of the best female players in the world.

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