Can I beat the Course Record at a 12 hole golf course!?

Can I Beat the Course Record at a 12 hole course!?

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Hi I'm Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is developed to help you play better , likewise to assist you enjoy your more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I likewise want to make you play better golf by supplying training video on all topics about golf, how to fix your piece, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, strike your irons more pure, strike your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you reduce your score by cracking better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and likewise create backspin. Likewise I will provide you assist to putt much better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf material based upon insane and often "gimmicky" golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to offer you the honest fact about golf devices.

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Can I beat the Course Record at a 12 hole golf course!?

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  1. The golf history is super cool, the fact that they used to play that well with the equipment they had is crazy

  2. Rick has truly made my game better within the past few months and I appreciate what he does so much. Such an inspiration and also I love how he just stays positive his whole round no matter what.

  3. Love when you try to match history, really makes you realize how good these guys were to play that well with those clubs.

  4. Such an interesting segment. Loved it! I can’t imagine playing a round with the conditions and equipment they had.

  5. Great work Rick! These historic courses are great to see. Makes me think I need to plan a trip over your way sometime just to see all these great locations!

  6. It’s pretty cool to see how well they could play with that old equipment back in the day. Keep up the great work!

  7. Those baskets on the flagpoles are such an interesting sight to see! Absolutely love the attention to detail from the course owners!

  8. You’ve help me really think through each shot. I used to over think and try to do crazy shots. Now I just focus on the target and be confident with each shot. 😊

  9. Love the history to this for a course that’s less than an hour away from me., inspiring stuff. The goody bag looks good too 👀 well done Rick, look forward to your videos all week.!

  10. Man I’ve just gotten back into golf after a 15 year battle with addiction, it’s truly saved my life and this channel is what got golf back into my head. Thank you so much for what you do for people and the game Rick. This video makes you appreciate what golf is today and the battles those guys had to go through.

  11. Fortunate to have played Prestwick, great course and a walk welcome from staff, and just like the old course, you just felt the history… you would struggle to play footie at Wembley or tennis at Wimbledon but the beauty of golf is you can easily play on these historic venues !

  12. The baskets for flags are definitely interesting and makes things more difficult without that visual of wind conditions at the hole. An interesting mix of history and a beautiful venue, thanks for the content Rick 🙂

  13. It’s amazing seeing these proper old school links courses. Also amazing to think how well they did with the equipment they played with.

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