Cantlay vs DeChambeau | Epic 6-hole playoff at BMW Championship

Check out the best shots from the legendary 6-hole playoff in between Patrick and at the 2021 Championship, where came out triumphant.


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Cantlay DeChambeau | 6-hole playoff at Championship

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    1. @olivier Pietrzak course isnโ€™t actually that easy it just got unlucky with tons of rain that made for really easy conditions. If they come back and it doesnโ€™t rain tons before the tournament and during the winning score will probably be around -20

  1. This was the best golf this year. It was absolutely fantastic. Both players were epic. Still cannot believe bryson didn’t make at least one of those 4 putts to win he had. Fair play to Cantlay for remaining calm and getting it done despite being behind the whole way

    1. I can..dude obviously doesn’t work enough on his pudding and is obsessed with hitting 400+ drives..once again the term “drive for show put for dough” remains accurate

    2. @DTB how does one โ€œwork on his puddingโ€โ€ฆmost pudding is instant pudding out of the box and is generally easy to make. Tastes good too

  2. In my 20+ years of watching golf, that was probably the most exciting non major finish Iโ€™ve ever seen. New respect for Cantlay. Never seen such clutch putting.

    And thank you for making this video

    1. @Zac Braf Bryson probably makes 5X on sponsorships due to him being the longest hitter in the game than any event win would make him.

  3. I can’t believe I witnessed that. Was my first time going to an event as there hasn’t been one in Baltimore since 1964. Just wow.

  4. gotta love it. Too much fun, great golf. I don’t think Bryson played bad at all, he was -1 in those 6 high pressure rounds.

    1. He didnโ€™t play bad, he cooled off but people have a distorted view of him playing โ€œbadโ€ because he missed those birdie putts and cantlay putted out of his mind.

  5. Can’t believe Bryson couldn’t sink those putts, but really for Patrick to keep up with Bryson’s 60, then over take him, that’s going to be a huge psychological boost for him

    1. Drive for show put for dough baby. Patrick was a robot that day. The thing is Bryson also played out of his mind. Golf is weird.

    2. DeSHAMBlow is a hacker. He belongs in long drive competitions, not on the Tour.

      His short game is an absolute joke; distance doesnโ€™t matter if the rest of your game is trash.

  6. Poor Bryson, amazing performance by Cantlay. Props to both of them. Looking forward to playoffs!

  7. I know the focus will be on the putts that Bryson missed, but some of those drives and approach shots were out of this world! Great golf all around

    1. Both guys hit balls in the water only to recover and tie the hole. That is serious professional golf.

  8. What an exciting playoff.
    It shows distance off the tee is not always the deciding factor. Putting well is how you score.

    1. What? You saying DeShambeau ain’t smooth? โ›ณ๐ŸŒ๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ How dare you, sir. jk

  9. This is absolute proof that the old guys who hang out on the driving range are correct: a stroke is a stroke: doesn’t matter if it’s with the driver, the putter, or the wedge. Cheers for Bryson for recovering from the dunk in the water & for Cantlay for “Going Draino” for 78 holes.

  10. I watched this with my father in law who has been ill. It was a real treat to see two great competitors going at it with all they had. One of the best golf finishes I have ever seen!

  11. New respect for both Bryson and Cantlay. Both demonstrated crazy abilities to move on from errors and Cantlay’s putting was on another level.

  12. Those fifth playoff hole drives were absolutely incredible. Some of the best golf Iโ€™ve ever seen

  13. Cantlay’s driving consistency and constant clutch short play… over 6 holes… amazing stuff. Can’t say that DeChambeau didn’t have ample chances to take it, though.

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