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    1. @SHINYHUNTERAU Yooo My friends and I said they should have a series where they play for the Clairet Jug! ❤😉

    2. Amazing to see where you and the rest of the guys in Good Good are taking things. The sky’s the limit. Definitely living your best life. Well done Garrett

    3. I have a great idea that I think would be hilarious! Twigs vs stumps and make it twigs shoots 9 holes but stumps does the commentary. Twigs plays as is they were on pga not to much talking on the round just stumps filling in the moments with banter. And vice versa. I think it would be good to watch and hilarious to see them taking jabs at each other and not find out what is said until it airs.

  1. Two Staples of every Garrett Clark Vlog: Apology for lack of vlogs and promise to start vlogging more again lol

    Love you Grat!

  2. Congrats bro!!!! LTD…. Living the dream!! All your grinding is absolutely paying off…very well deserved

  3. Claire is out here looking stunning and my G spends 4 hours trick shotting Garrett ain’t no SIMP we love him 🥰

    1. @Aaron Fabre Legit looks like shaving bumps lmao. Y’all never seen a hickey or something.

  4. Love the content. Also love that two certain people are actively not giving their audiences the one answer they want. Keep the privacy. Build the proper foundation (if this is in fact the case) before bringing anything to the public. You are both Killing it. So is Bradley.

  5. It is really the channel that will grow the most. Golf is fun. But we want to all see more of the VLOG typ content. Mix it all upp! 😁👍⛳

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