The women just tournament continues! Shooting over the last few months has been difficult and difficult to get everybody together but we finally did it! In this video Paris and Alisa battle Claire and Daniela. For those who do not understand Daniela she is a good friend of the channel and appeared in a vlog with Paris from The Farm Club. Maderas Golf Club is the of the day and it's looking as good as ever. San Diego has many great golf courses and Maderas is among them … thanks Maderas for allowing us to film!

Winners handle the Tanaka siblings!
Match 1

approximately plays 6400 backyards from the Ladies Tees
L: 77.5/ 144.
Hard course for sure!

Maderas uses an unique mix of golf course strategy and design mastery while taking the idea of upscale golf in San Diego to exhilarating levels. Commemorate an unique celebration. Commemorate among life's valued events. Or reward yourself just because you deserve it.
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Mike and I started this journey in January of 2017. What started as a basic passion job to laugh at golf videos of fantastic courses has actually taken us to places we would never ever have thought of back then. Through the years we've been blessed to be able to satisfy so many great people and experience a lot of fantastic courses. If there's anything you eliminate from our journey its this: do what you enjoy and do it with conviction. The rest will take care of itself.

Thank you all who have actually supported us through this journey.

– Mike & Marko.

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    1. We all need some entertainment during lockdown – thank you. Well done Mike and the prettiest golf match ever.

    2. They do an amazing job and they can play ain’t no doubt about their skills.

    3. Love watching these videos! The banter and relaxed vibe and yet every here and there, some really good tips! However, I’m late to the game, only discovered the channel about a week or two ago… so the GoFundMe here seems to be way in the past. Have you considered to add membership to the channel or a patreon or something – that way we can keep supporting you guys!

    4. This is what I’m talking about. Everyone playing off the same tees. Force Paris to play off the same tees as the guys. 265 yard drives? She’s easily long enough!

  1. This day was so fun! Love this group 🤩 Let’s get this vid to 10k likes for the final match!!!

    1. Hello, Claire. I know most of you usually don’t monitor or rarely reply.. pls do.. meanwhile, allow me to gush: yours is one of the most beautiful swings in the world.. it is so smooth and graceful and you seem to hold nothing back on the Driver.. also adore your golf knowledge and course mgt.. even women adore you.. you are one of the best things that needs to happen to pro golf.. stay healthy.. stay sweet! You are my gold standard or new muse.. too fun, classy, too cute.. or as you like to say, “MONEY BAGS!!” lol

  2. Feeling it for Alisa on that front nine, just not her usual solid golf self!!. Hope the matches gets closer on the back 9. Claire is super talented and chilled 😎 loving the friendly competition

  3. This has everything. Bomb drives, arrow irons, spot on chip shots and draining long putt. Oh and the girls. 😍

  4. Two things I know to be true: Mike calls heavy, Paris nails it. And Claire making miracle putts and chips like it’s how she wakes up.

  5. Welcome back, Daniela. I love all the Golfholics. Daniela really does a great job explaining what she is planning to do. Great camera presence, especially for somebody so young. I’m sure she does a great job as the assistant pro. Golfholics has really become a top flight golf channel. A great cast of really likable personalities.

  6. Nightmare start for Alisa & Paris. Gotta have a comeback. I’m rooting for extra holes! Great front Claire!

  7. Friends having fun and caring for each other with golf being one of the bonds that holds the group together. Great golf by all and nothing but my respect and admiration.

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