I Challenged GM Golf & Grant Horvat to a Tournament | MOST Requested Video! – Insane Ending!!

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I Challenged & Grant Horvat to a Tournament | MOST Requested Video! – Insane Ending!!

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    1. i literally came down to the comments and read this comment as it was being said on screen lmaooo

  1. Love these awesome mini rounds you play. You’ve been finding some great opponents! Keep hitting those bombs! Waiting to see a nice hole out soon enough 😉

  2. 🤣🤣 Claire kills it with her trash talk . . . 56 seconds in “Garret with a nice pull-hook”. 😁

  3. On 1st hole:
    -Claire makes two footer
    -Grant: “wow”

    Guy says wow more than Owen Wilson (get him on the channel!!)

  4. Great group of golfers. I love these videos with Garrett and Grant. The competition is always good.

  5. Claire’s trash talk to rat is underrated. He just smiles and doesn’t say anything back😂😂

    1. @Future Hendrix So what. She will have to learn to hit longer clubs in. The same way as they will need to learn to putt better.

      She is a better putter but she’s not handicapped by having to putt to a smaller hole for example.

    2. @SteamlocoScrapper she shoots her 6 iron 160 lmao.. i shoot mine like 190 garret shoots his 6 like 210 on average atleast.. its not remotely fair if she plays from the tips.. so what shed be using a 5 wood off the deck every hole for her second shot lol

    3. @Future Hendrix So what. Her putting makes up for it.

      She needs to learn how to hit longer tee shots. Savannah Clements hits it 300 yards and she’s the same size as Claire.

    1. Lol I would be too, don’t wanna look like a doofus in front of a pro or a beautiful woman 😂

  6. Another quick turn around of consistent brilliant content… thanks again. Enjoying the matches and guests.

  7. Garret and Claire would be a great couple.she’s a great golfer,she knows the demand of YouTube blogs,and she is extremely beautiful WINWINWIN

  8. Rad to see you make content on your own. Got to bring Paris with you. You both have that good connection and energy.

  9. You should do a challenge with them where they have to play your yardages. Meaning if you’re at a distance where you have to hit 9 iron, they also have to hit 9 iron from there, etc.

  10. I love the content you’ve come up with especially these matches. Love how you point out the bad shots of your competitors!

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