How To Find Your Dominant Eye + What It Means for Your Golf Game | Special Guest Adrian Holmes

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How To Find Your Dominant Eye + What It Means for Your Game | Special Guest Adrian Holmes

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  1. Claire i love how the aces interact whit you that way they add more spark to the videos🤘⛳😍

  2. That was very interesting….I am a great putter plus great short game…now I learned that I am a right handed golfer with left eye dominance…it makes sense now lol.

  3. great vid Claire, love Adrian in Both Shows. esp Star Trek, Claire the phone vid at the end was a great shot. keep up the great videos. been a fan from since GolfHOLY …… vids. lolol you guys make watching golf fun.

  4. I dont know why this isn’t talked about more. I am a beginning golfer and I realized right away that this was an issue. I happen to be right handed left eye dominant and it doesn’t necessarily make me a better golfer though. When you stand behind the ball close your non-dominate eye and just use your dominate eye– just like aiming a gun.

  5. Yeah that is interesting! That is the first time I have come across an advantage to being opposite hand-eye dominant. Most shooting sports it’s considered an advantage to have the same hand-eye dominance. Consider skeet shooting, if the shotgun was in your right shoulder the advantage is to be right eye dominant. Archery as well.

  6. Claire…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Just perfect your game and make the LPGA! We are all waiting!

  7. shooting gun is a benefit when using eye dominate easier to focus on target through sights

  8. Interesting about eye dominance. Never thought about it with Golf but I have always shot a bow and arrow left handed because of my eye dominace, didn’t think of it as an advantage with golf..

  9. Kent Hrbek a left handed Professional baseball player in eighty’s golfs right handed because he mirrored his dad’s left handed golf stroke

  10. This is some good info, I never even thought of this concept. Thanks Claire, Adrian and Danny!

  11. Try to anchor your weight on your dominant leg, just something to try for better consistency

  12. The example he showed with making a circle and focusing on the ball, showed that he’s right eye dominate! 😂 As a trap shooter (shotgun) we do something similar. We make a triangle with both hands and focus on a distant object with both eyes open we look through the triangle. Close each eye one at a time and whichever eye has the object in the triangle is the dominant eye.

  13. I’m a lefty, play righty, and I guess I’m right eye dominant. I’m also a 66 year old 14 handicapper.

  14. I am right handed, left eye dominant. I think it helps with swinging a golf club, I think it is a hindrance with putting. For some reason, the putt will go left to right, but when I stand over it, it will appear to go right to left. You really have to trust your alignment.

  15. i guess that’s why i’m so much better at putting one handed lol. Left-eye dominant. Love the videos! Lets meet your camera person one day too because we know they play golf too

  16. Sense of deja vu here Claire. I was discussing eye dominance and head position with my coach yesterday and how it affects the strike.
    In the studio he gave me a Taylormade Tp5 Hi Viz ball to try. It helped my dominant eye not drift away from the ball which is my left eye. I didn’t realise how much my dominant eye was drifting using a white ball and my head moving slightly to compensate. Hardly noticeable but enough to have caused me issues for some time. Bright green balls for me from now on.

  17. I unfortunately am right handed and right eye dominate, I have recently been turning my head to the left to open up my sight to the target. Jury is still out if it is working or not for me.
    If you watch Jack’s videos he does the opposite, but as we now know he is left eye dominate.

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