How Far I Hit All My Golf Clubs + What’s in the Bag?!

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How Far I Hit All My Clubs + What's in the Bag?!

Golf Swing
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  1. Absolute ripper, I find that instead of smashing 100% all the time, taking a bit off makes it a lot more accurate and enjoyable – love the content CH

  2. Solid content as always. That extreme kt tape is the real deal. My swing speed must be the same as yours, because that’s my yardage.. Anyway great to see you striping it as always, keep that Titos on 🧊 . Looking forward to a sponsorship video someday

  3. Claire, love the video. witb are always fun! For your 14th club I would recommend the titleist u-510 1 or 2 driving iron. You definitely have the swing and skill to game one of these! Would be a really fun video to see you get fitted for one. Then maybe see if the driving iron or 5 wood is a better fit for you! I would love to see a video like that. Swing is looking great as always. Keep it up!

  4. Golf Channel should hire Claire. Use her for travel segments. They did some of that with Matt Ginella a few years back.

  5. Haha, I’m the same. When I do decide to clean out my bag every couple of months, I get a lot of “oh that’s where that went” 🤪🤪

  6. Nice numbers there and those Aerotech Steelfiber shafts are the bomb. When you decide to upgrade your irons (you’re due) check out the Cobra TEC or TEC X and you wont be disappointed, much better than the T200 (good clubs).

  7. I wonder if the more important gap to fill is between your 3w and 3h, or between 3h and 5i. A standard 5w loft is also 19° so you might get better top end gapping by adding a 4h instead of 5w?

  8. I love your swing, just so in rhythm and long. Would like to see a 2 camera view of your swing 1 down the line and 1 face on. I have issues with releasing too fast and losing huge amounts of power. I have been watching vids of these set ups to get a better feel for where weight is during swing and also hands and arms. Your swing I think would be a great training aide for men, women, and kids it’s so long and smooth. Thanks for all your vids so fun and enjoyable to watch!

  9. I love your videos I don’t miss any and when I have time I repeat them congratulations claire ❤🥰🥰🙏

  10. Great video Claire looking at ur yardage for ur club u can see how consistent u are and how it goes up or down 10yards or so.i remember u showing those clubs on golfholics years ago.i think u should see if u can go and play in a knockout competition with the boys from good good.

  11. Thank you so much Claire for posting an instructing show of your yardages distance.

  12. OMG. How cool to learn that I play the same wedges in the same lofts as the great Claire Hogle!

  13. Was in the market for a rangefinder and never even heard of the Blue Tees. I did a little research on it and bought it. Thanks for saving me $26.00.

  14. Such a beautiful, consistent, repeating swing. A joy to watch. Congratulations. Pls do a video where you show all your stats (club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry, etc.) with some of your clubs. Would be fascinating. 😁

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