Do THIS For Effortless Rhythmic Power | The Weight Transfer Explained | Claire Hogle

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HUGE thank you to Jamie for providing me a couple of additional minutes of his time and helping me narrow my focus on the swing secret I wish to work on most right now. I genuinely hope this lesson was handy to your understanding of the swing also. Get more from him at the links listed below ⬇.

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Videographer and Editor: Bradly Krueger.

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Do THIS For Effortless Rhythmic Power | The Weight Transfer Explained |

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  1. I really appreciate this series. I was on the golf team in middle school and high school, but the coach was not interested in helping you unless you were already really good. The sole piece of advice I got was “aim for the bunkers, you’re insane out of the bunkers.” 😑

  2. I like the advice he gave about getting the trail hip out of the way. I’ve been working on that and feeling like my back stays turned a bit longer when my arms come down. It gives you a lot more space. Love the instructional vids!

  3. I like Claire’s swing but in my opinion Claire can do no wrong 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  4. Claire, If you really want to improve your iron striking then check-out Jim Venetos (youtube), His method is different than the usually accepted swing mechenics but it works and makes sense.

  5. Claire, I use “Stack & Tilt” because I don’t want to move off the ball too much. You come off the ball in order to step into the shot and put more force behind your spin. After trying both ways, I like my own variant of “Stack & Tilt”: I stick my butt out more than advised, but it helps me. What I found is that contact with my iron shots started to sound like a .22 calibre long rifle round. The foot powder I spray on my irons showed me that I was sweet-spotting shot after shot. I was way more consistent & just as long with better ball flight. Why not start with your weight on your left foot for the wedges? If you crisp them, your distance won’t change much, but your accuracy will really increase. Next destination: Stack & Tilt School.

  6. The swing though that has helped me make much better contact is get deep with my right hip back and then have the feeling of keeping my back to the ball just a split second longer coming down. Doing that gets my body and club timed out better and I can use my fast hip turn forward with no effort and get much better consistent contact.

  7. Hey Claire, great stuff. I knew the first time I saw you on the Golfholics channel, you were destined to blow up on Youtube once to got around to it. Love Love Love your channel. Can’t wait to see more great stuff. All the best. ❤❤

  8. 2:27 don’t be jealous of those who don’t need a coach.. Vijay isn’t the only one 😉

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