After 2 Months of Grinding… Can She Break 90? | Lauren’s Journey to Break 90 – FINALE | Claire Hogle

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This is the minute we have all been waiting for! The FINALE episode. Can Lauren break 90 after 60 days of lessons and grinding?!

HUGE thank you to Lauren for taking on this challenge. Don't forget to reveal Lauren some love on her socials and in the remarks below!

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Videographer and Editor: Bradly Krueger.

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After 2 Months of Grinding… Can She Break 90? | Lauren’s Journey to Break 90 – FINALE |

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  1. Outstanding progress and you look so confident! I was inspired by you to take this challenge, and like you, I have reached the low 90s. This is great to me considering I was stroking 110-115 two months ago. Thank you for all of the helpful lessons and moments of joy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️⛳️✌🏻!

  2. Can tell she’s been coached by the best putter on youtube 😉

    And yay! Now you gotta do a season 2!!!

    1. @Lauren Pacheco Thank you ma’am. I had a heart transplant 14 years ago, so just being alive and playing at all is a blessing.

  3. Great video. As hacker trying to break 90 I get inspiration and instruction from these videos. Keep it up girls!

  4. Fantastic progress with some great shots and good putting. Just aim a little left for that fade (until the lessons kick in and sort that out). Good luck with the rest of your golfing journey. 👏🏻

  5. Great game Lauren. Your swing improved immensely and it helps when you have someone like Claire helping read the greens. I even picked up some great tips while following you on your journey.

  6. I think Lauren did well and should be proud. That was a great series Claire, I enjoyed it very much.

  7. Breaking 100 for a new golfer is a tall order. She gets an A in my book. Great golfing Lauren. Enjoy your journey with this crazy game.

  8. Congrats on breaking 100 Lauren! This series has been really inspiring, I’m happy to hear there’s more coming. ❤

  9. Loved the series, great work by both of you girls. This was a very impressive round considering she hadn’t broken 100 before the series started. Looking forward for season 2.

  10. That was great for only playing 8 weeks. That was also good that you learned the lesson of not letting anybody rush you, like those guys did at the start. I’m looking forward to season 2. Well done, Lauren and Claire.

  11. Your videos have a great balance of quality golf mixed with just the right amount of humor and golf antics. Keep up the good work!

  12. I think 94 is a great number. The real positive, and the thing I was most impressed with here, was the putting! The shots from tee to green will come. I thought Lauren showed very good touch on the green. None of the putts were really under or over hit for the caliber of where the game is currently. I mean, you were basically a putt or 2, a duff here or there and a fat guy on the 1st tee from your goal. This is an ABSOLUTE WIN all the way around! Congrats Claire & Lauren…. it was a great season of content & looking forward to more!

  13. Lauren you did phenomenal and I am proud of you! I’ve been able to take a lot of things away from Claire’s personal lesson with you, and improved myself! Something to consider would be to keep track of your Fairways hit, Greens In Regulation, and Putts each hole. Total those up and those are the things to work on for the next round. Great job!!

  14. I feel attacked that Lauren makes more putts than me already. That’s Claire Hogle influence. Pretty solid touch on the partial shots and pitches too. Already making lots of solid contact and mostly keeping the ball in play. That’s pretty fantastic progress after a couple of months and she’s got more than enough athleticism to get a lot better in short order. Thanks for letting us follow along.

  15. I’m stunned and happy at how much Lauren has improved! It’s really just the beginning of her Golf journey⛳️
    It’s been a lot of fun to watch & honestly you two are hilarious & would be so much fun to play 18 with
    Lauren gonna have to pour some water on that putter she was dialed! 🔥
    Keep Swinging and update us from time to time how you are doing!

  16. Great round Lauren. Plenty of golfers that have been playing for years would kill for a 94. There are already so many bright spots to your game. Keep it up. Claire, loved the putt dance on 17.

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