You’ll never guess the impact of OLD golf grips

A group of 18 ideal handed male golfers (age 24-59) struck shots with three various 7-irons.

Each had the exact same shaft flex and clubhead but one had a brand-new grip while two had been 'prepared' by a UV light, replicating the impact the sun has on a grip.

Ball speed dropped 1.3 miles per hour when the gamers used the old grips, compared to the brand-new ones, equating to 2 yards less of bring.

The shots weren't as straight either

" The face impact place for the UV2 checked grip had a 25% boost in dispersion in the x-axis compared to the brand-new grip.

This demonstrates the possible slippage or rotation of the grip in the players hands throughout their swing.

Eighty 9 percent (89%) of the individuals felt the brand-new grip was safe to very secure and not to rather used or slick.

Whereas for the UV2 evaluated grip, 72% said the grip felt not at all to rather protect, and 56% stated the grip felt fairly to really worn or slick.".

So, do yourself a favor and check your grips. Clean them with a towel and warm water, for starters. If they don't feel tacky later, you see physical abrasion wear marks or you can't keep in mind the last time your clubs were regripped, it's time to find a friendly club service center.

You'll never guess the impact of

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