Uncover the 5 Stats You’re Not Tracking (But Should Be!)

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We sit down with and Luke Benoit about five statistics in that are frequently neglected however have a substantial influence on performance. Pros like Tiger have actually tracked these statistics throughout the years to understand the elements affecting efficiency.

These highlight locations where players make errors and lose strokes needlessly. Players can decrease their scores and improve their overall efficiency by focusing on improving these particular locations.

Uncover the 5 Stats You're Not Tracking (But Should Be!)

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  1. More of Luke Benoit, less of Scott Fawcett. At least a goal of 50/50 contribution, my goodness.

  2. Tiger used to nuke his wedges early in his career. Much better control with his wedges later.

  3. Scott Fawcett is the best thing that happened to PLAYING golf since metal iron heads! Also, yes, I love to practice and am nourished by little things that I learn, problems solvef, little backhanded compliments from other guys… The advice to work on speed control away from the course is great advice. I actually got really good unintentionally while practicing at a big box golf store (I worked 4 hours/wk) on a 30 foot flat surface wuth 4 holes. I got so consistent that I would demonstrate all the various putter brands and styles to shiw buyers that you hsd to get nesr the hole, and expect to make a PERCENTAGE, not every roll.
    Thank you men – and a tip of the hat to Scott for his self effacing humor.

  4. Its not even about not making double its about where you make the double bogey.
    eg a hard par 4 index 1 to 5 means a 4 is net birdie, 5 is a net par, 6 is a net Bogey.
    If have a double on a hole where dont get a handicap shot, that is the bigger problem ie a 5 on an easy par 3 or a 6 on short par4.

    The average 15 handicapper and higher has 3 or 4 or 5 wipe holes per round, (equal to or more than nett DB) even single figure golfers such as myself have a wipe hole each round.

    experience shows most club golfer make wipe holes or DB or worse by playing so aggressive and trying to make birdie when a bogey is OK

    My coach has set me a challenge to play 3 rounds in a row without making a zero point hole so on our hardest hole a 401 m (440 yd ) par 4 index 1 I get a shot so a 4 is a net birdie , a 5 is good as a net par and a 6 is a net bogey and a 7 is out.

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