The Science Behind Insane Golf Swing Speeds: In-Depth Analysis

Luke Benoit breaks down the golf of Seb Twaddell in this . Seb has hit world record club head speeds and Luke strolls us through precisely how he generates a lot speed in this swing breakdown!

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Seb is a @rypgolf ambassador and discuss how that suits his speed training protocol.

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The Science Behind Insane Golf Swing Speeds: In-Depth Analysis

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  1. How fundamental is grip strength in long drives? Or do those drills with the medicine ball roughly approximate grip strength into the exercise. Ie you have to have a grip strength of over 80kg to throw a med ball that far?

    1. Got an answer from Luke on this one for you – It could be a barrier, but usually someone strong enough to throw a med ball that far has plenty of grip strength.

  2. But what are we trying to do here? Be long drive guys or play golf? I’m not really interested in chasing anymore distance personally. I want to keep the ball in play and make putts. If you keep chasing distance that means more balls out of bounds. It just goes w/ the territory. I’ve been that guy a few years ago. I was hitting my drives 300 to 320 and taking 2-3 penalty shots per round off the tee.

    1. Idk about you but learning about speed and seeing what the guy with the fastest swing in the world is doing really is interesting. And there are definitely some things we all can take away from this.

      Agree with you… Hitting balls OB is definitely not the way to lower scores. Adding distance and keeping the ball in play is really a key if you want to shoot lower scores.

    2. More distance is never a bad thing. If you were hitting 320y at full power while going out of bounds, you should prob swing less hard, 280y and keep it in play. But if you learn the proper swing mechanics and build strength to hit it 380y full power, you can back off and hit 320y and keep it in play.

      You’re lying if you say you’d prefer a shorter drive or a longer second shot. If you had limited time to practice, practicing short game will drop your score faster. But for those who are dedicated w tons of practice/exercise time, longer distance will certainly help

    3. Hitting ob and blaming it on distance , ain’t the distances fault. You need to get better at hitting it straight. Also you are definitely trolling. Go use a putter off a tee and report back your score.

    4. To get even more speed the wrists need to flick just before contact .
      10 millimeters at the wrist means 200 millimeters at club head.

  3. Usually adding more peak speed also increases cruising speed which is why so many PGA Tour pros try to work on it. They don’t want OB balls either.

  4. Someone teach this man some proper technique to control it. He’ll make a lot more money on tour than he ever would in long drive.

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