The DECADE System with Scott Fawcett and Lou Stagner // The Golf Podcast

Today on the show we have visitors and in to speak about their years system. DECADE uses mathematics to get rid of the feeling from shot making decisions, therefore permitting you to score much better through wise targets.


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The DECADE System with and Lou Stagner //

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  1. TWIG is definitely my favourite show you guys do. Have fun in Orlando enjoying the sun. It’s -23 c and snowing in Nova Scotia Canada super jealous

    1. TM was surprisingly absent last year. Haven’t heard yet if they’ll be there this year but we’ll be sure to check and report back.

    2. @G Taylor hey Sam it’s cool I was just wondering I checked today with PGA tour they ain’t going this year either 🙄

    3. @DunnGolfing bold! I thought it was the place to be…my last name is taylor..and I’m not going either . Multiple things in common with this golf giant .haha

  2. I think they need to drop the junior tag on the app. Look at someone like erik Anders 32 years old he was at the same stage as a 12 year old who was just introduced..but it could be applied to both

  3. I quite enjoyed the longer conversation..I started and stopped it a few times…but I usually feel like the episodes could be longer

  4. Guys! Great interview about Decade. It leaves me thinking I need more clarity on the true differences between Decade (data), ShotScope V2, Arccos 360. Might you elaborate.

    1. Isnt shot scope a launch monitor/simulator? Decade is a course management strategy that takes the guess work out of picking a target. Arccos is a stats tracker for your game. It tells you strengths and weakness pretty much. Hope that helps

  5. Probably one of the most valuable but “under viewed” pieces of golf content released to this platform. 👍🏾

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