Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO – Practical Indoor set up

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In this video, we'll be taking a look at the new . This device is perfect for indoor usage, and includes a lot of functions that make it a great choice for players.

We'll be offering you our first impressions of the golf launch screen, and informing you everything about the functions that make it such an excellent option for indoor golfers. If you're searching for a golf that will make your game simpler, then make sure to check out the PRO!

Wish to find out how to begin reducing your handicap without spending more time practicing or going through an unpleasant swing change.

Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO – Practical Indoor set up

Golf Swing
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  1. I love your videos. Thanks.
    If you can, do a video on the Flightscope Mevo+ 2023. There are lots of sales type videos, but little on the unboxing thru initial setup. I understand the features. Best wishes. Also, I love putting videos.

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