How to Gain 10mph Club Head Speed in just 15 minutes

View as we increase by over 10 mph in just 15 minutes. We go through some distinct drills and strategies that any golfer can try in your journey to get more swing speed.

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Seb is a @rypgolf ambassador and speak about how that suits his speed training protocol.

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How to Gain 10mph in just 15 minutes

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  1. Im 65,dont play a lot,bit more this year,just hit 90 ball speed,my goal is 140 ball speed.Great video.

  2. That big guy is not just big, he’s huge. How about accuracy maintenance with this routine. How about if you are senior golfer with less mobility and flexibility?

    1. Check out the last video where we go through his training routine! The warm up and speed training are totally applicable to all ages.

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