talks low hanging fruit easy technique gains that might reduce your ratings. When it comes to striking more fairways or keeping the more in play ensure you are not making this basic golf mistake and do not chase unicorns. Club golfers often throw golf shots away with a lot of bogies and double bogies. Attempting to keep the disaster holes off your round and getting the most affordable golf ratings you can could be a lot easier than you are making it with some simple golf method and on course management. Find out how to , hot straighter drives and keep your on the fairway for lower golf ratings immediately.

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  1. Love this one Mark. Absolutely. And that St. Andrews course is absolutely stunning. Those blind shots and 💴 when your numbers are dialed in.

  2. Defo want a video on blending the zx4 in. I am looking at potentially playing zx4 6/7 as my 5/6 irons in a blended set – depending on how the numbers come up in my fitting (booked months in advance in July to make sure I practice hard and work with my coach before then!)

  3. Good subject. I just played this course/hole on the SIM today. I ended up in the left rough because I’m leery of aiming too far right, for the reasons you just demonstrated. Haha
    I did mange to barely get it on the front anyway though. A better result than hitting the hotel for sure.

  4. I really like these type of videos as it helps me elevate my thoughts beyond ball strike while over the ball. I’m curious if your sub conscious kept you on the right side , the perfect angle, even though you were playing the slight draw?

  5. After listening to one of the podcasts, I tried Scott’s Google method on my home course. (Measuring out the dispersions and then picking a good point to aim at).
    It took out a lot of stress on the tee shots knowing that everything within the “cone” was an OK shot, and that I could move the “cone” to minimize the bad out outcome. It actually made me make better tee shots.

  6. First lesson my high school coach taught us was to play “smart golf” and that’s the best lesson I ever had.

  7. Very interesting! I’m a high handicapper and have been bemused by your focus on distance over the last few months. Seems like focusing on hitting the fairway instead of hitting it long into the rough might not be such a bad idea after all…

    1. Good to see someone else recall that everything with Mark has been go long regardless of where it lands you. Now it’s control dispersion at the cost of distance. Slightly ironic – would be interested to know the catalyst

  8. Good video Mark, and it is something I’m very much aware of. The very thought of tightening my aim to a point where a reasonable miss means death is just ludicrous to me, yet I see it advised all the time. I don’t know my standard deviations or indeed my yardages, but I know my standard shot shapes and normal landing zones for good and bad shots and adjust accordingly.

  9. At my proficiency level (or lack thereof), I will definitely try to hit to the middle-right or middle-left depending on what trouble there is around the green. But that’s about as fancy as I get. Angles Smangles Tangles Bangles.

  10. Very interesting; especially the idea of playing away from trouble. It’s interesting as I was never aware that this was something that had gone out of golf! When I started playing at my club at 12/13 (so 26-27 years ago) this was the very first thing that the pro talked about when we did course management lessons. It was always the mantra; keep it in play. Whenever and wherever we played, especially going onto other courses in the local leagues… So just where did it change!? Oh, and angles smangles!

  11. If Arccos could put this “cone” or dispersion circle on their app for each club that would be a game changer.

    1. Problem Is arccos doesn’t know where you are aiming, so doesn’t know miss size automatically. You’d have to measure come first somehow per club, tell arccos each one, then it could guide you on aim line. Love the Idea

    2. i like it — the caddie is already giving you 2 or 3 clubs to select anyway; you could select one, then hit an aim-point, and it may very well highlight a danger you may not have considered. I’ll bet they could easily do it

  12. Thank you, I just needed a pro to give me permission to make “keeping the ball in play” a valid strategy. Too often the ego pushes me to try and play angles in an attempt to make the next shot easier but if I’m honest, I am not good enough to play angles successfully.

  13. Always a good video when it starts with a coffee and ends with a few garden chips! Great way of exploring this idea, I don’t know my dispersion so will be finding that out!

  14. Very important part of the game. Makes you think ahead. Also for me when I concentrate on where I want to position the ball on the fairway I stop worrying about grip stance and swing and I tend to play more relaxed

  15. I find it amazing that you measure your standard deviation in yards. I measure mine in fairways. I.e- My standard deviation is 1.62 fairways 🤣

  16. Depends on the day. Some holes really force you to try to be on one side of the fairway. Mostly try for the middle.

  17. “ANGLES SMANGLES” – I’m really enjoying the light bulb moments that happen when data analysis is applied to our favourite feel based game. The biggest gains for my game and handicap in recent years have not been more birdies but reducing the shocking holes arising on my cards. Keeping the ball in play more and scoring well on most holes is a better strategy for me than chasing perfection or birdies. I’m not skilled enough to aim down a side of the fairway and hit it, a fairway hit for me is good enough. Maybe with time I can improve that – who knows.

  18. I do think about it when lining up but in reality I’m happy if I’m on the fairway. not quite up to that level of aiming yet unfortunately but hopefully looking to improve on that when we can get back out there.

  19. I usually try to aim for the safest or widest part of the fairway/green…i.e. the one that offers the most latitude and forgiveness for my likely errant shot-making 😂

  20. Been using the ‘triangle’ ‘cone’ that Scott Fawcett and Decade Golf use for a little while now. Definitely helped me stay in play and choose the right club off the tee

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