You might not agree but…I LOVE THIS DRIVER | TaylorMade Stealth 2 | Full Review

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In this video, we look at the new and Stealth 2 Plus motorists with an evaluation of the HD chauffeur coming up. Thank you for watching this video and for enjoying Tech Month.

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You might not agree but…I LOVE THIS DRIVER | Stealth 2 | Full Review

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  1. TECH MONTHHHHH, love the videos Pete you’re my favorite club reviewer by far love the way you’re doing things and are still improving your testing each time

  2. Love the look of the new Stealth. Wont be buying it however as I just got last years Stealth a month ago when the prices dropped in prep for this one.

  3. Hey Pete! Love your videos, please include the tsr2/3 in the form where you are comparing Numbers with all the other Brands

  4. Great video! Love the podcast too. Are you going to include the Titleist TSR drivers in your overall review of the 2023 drivers (even though it came out in Q4 2022) or a comparison video?

    1. Yes, I’ll get the data on these to add to the rest. Basically once all the current drivers are live I’ll do a huge round up

  5. Love this Tech Month. Great Reviews and summaries about the latest drivers! Thanks Pete and Team!!!!!

  6. The production on these videos is just getting better and better every time. Massive credit to Pete and the team behind him

    1. Came to comments exactly this. Really good quality content and well edited. Great team for sure 💪

  7. loving these videos Pete (and crew). I can see you finding it really difficult to look past the Callaway line up this year pete, based on those numbers. Looking forward to the build my bag series again 😀

  8. i agree. i’m still not sold on the carbon face, but the stealth 2 feels like an actual driver. 430 and paradyne are my favorite still though

  9. Pete – appreciate you reviewing these drivers but is there anyway you could perform same tests with mid handicapper to get a good gauge for the masses? Thanks again and keep up the outstanding work.

  10. Great video Pete, as always…. went to a fitting for the previous version, no one could hit the thing consistently and feel like this one will be the same. pro’s and plus 3 handicappers will love it, everyone else avoid like the plague!

    1. That’s what happened with me. I hit the Rogue relatively straight, but the Stealth was all over the place.

  11. Was Ping meant to be on the results table!?! Sneaky little preview there! Might be the year to upgrade the g400….

  12. Be interesting to see how it compares to the SIM and some of the other drivers that are a couple of generations old now. I might be biased, but the SIM is still the best driver I’ve ever hit.

  13. I love this time of year. I get to see Pete review everything, and I can hope that the Rogue ST depreciates in value enough for me to own one this lifetime!

  14. These videos are so professional. You have graphs that included the carry and total distances and give us exact information about the weights and amount of extra carbon there is. You include all this data in a 8 minute video. Keep it up!

  15. I’d love to see a driver bracket challenge from all drivers between 2020 and now. The Sim and Sim 2 were some of the best around, and I wonder how they would stack up against the Stealth and Paradym.

  16. Really interesting to get both your and Rick Shiel’s take on the new stuff. The completely different conclusions show just how personal a driver is, and how important it is to actually try them out before you buy.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I was really surprised to see how different their opinions were, and it really reinforces the idea of a proper fitting, and trying it out before you drop some serious coin.

  17. Peter, awesome video, your video quality just keeps getting more and more amazing. I do have question though – on Rick’s channel, he mentioned that both last year’s version and the new Stealth still have a forgiveness issue. Even center hits were unpredictable and off center strikes were worse. Did you find the same issues?

  18. Would love to see your dispersion radius numbers as well when you show these so we can see consistency and forgiveness. I know it’s swing dependent but would be nice to see how the balls flew instead of speed spin and distance only.

  19. I would love to hear your thoughts on a head to head for the stealth2+ vs the og sim. I love my sim, but curious how much better (mostly for dispersion) all the new models are

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