Will Cobra’s 2023 Driver DOMINATE the Big Brands? | AEROJET Review

Today I test out the brand-new Cobra chauffeur and ask whether this might be the "huge brand name" killer in 2023 …

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Will Cobra's 2023 Driver DOMINATE the Big Brands? | Review

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  1. Love these reviews but it would be interesting to see a comparison of your swing results compared to say Jacob who is a higher handicapper – would show a good range of results from the drivers

    1. Higher handicap probably isn’t going to be consistent enough to take anything from the data most likely

    2. @A W if they hit enough shots they’ll get enough comparable “good” ones, but then you’re just talking about lesser speed and everything which comes with that. I’d honestly just stick with Pete and people playing at a lesser level (myself included) need to know they won’t get exactly the same results… But should understand this is how the driver is relatively to others

    3. I completely agree with your point. However, if Pete is saying it’s wild then a high handicapper will certainly not find it any easier 😂

    4. @Peter Finch Golf i think higher handicap needs to hit more shots in order to be able to take out the “outliers”. so if the higher handicap hits 20 shots and only hits the fairway on 5 of them with the cobra, but 12 with the taylormade that would show … something… i think. also what side are they missing on. however i think this would have to be a one video thing where the higher handicap gets to test 4 or 5 heads since we know how inconsistent we are day to day. maybe 5 shots switch , 5 shots switch, etc.

  2. given that the big three companies will be the same price (likely), I think Cobra selling at £170 less is actually an even bigger compliment to them than previous years. Just shows the other companies slap a price increase for the sake of knowing people will likely buy them for the brand name

  3. I have always loved Cobra for how easy to hit they are, if they’re losing that I’m not sure what their key feature is 😂

  4. Couple of things in the review ⬇️

    1. When I said I’d like it to be cheaper. I mean under £400 which would have shown a huge difference from the other drivers coming out this year…undercutting the competition the way the F9 did, HOWEVER..
    2. We don’t actually know what the prices of drivers will be at retail. These are just recommended retail prices, SO…
    3. The Paradym for example could be sold at way under RRP whilst the AeroJet might be at RRP (or the other way round!) We just don’t know.
    4. Anyway probably not my best explanation and I’ll work on it for next time 😘

    1. @Killacamfoo O.G. Price on Cobra’s website is now $549 USD, so do with that what you will with currency conversions, but the price is only 50 bucks off the big names here in the U.S.

    2. @robh316 I think prices are just crazy in general. Here in Canada, a stealth driver with tax is almost $900. Our cost of living is also higher than most places and we are often paid less than our US counterparts. 🙁
      The golf struggles are real as a Canadian golfer.

    3. we absolutely do know that this wont be less than £400. £499 is the new norm nowadays – grossly over priced and only an idiot would keep buying these drivers brand new. Stick to an older model that does the job just as well and accept the 3yard difference that these new drivers are selling. Still cant believe to this day that TM, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra etc still manage to find the ‘Missing Ingredient’ once or twice a season. incredible.

    4. @prototype91 same in the UK its bullshit it stems from the tour players getting paid huge sums to use a certain brands clubs they have to make it back some how and it’s from us , brands have it wrong they shouldn’t be paying the pros anything their getting fitted clubs balls and clothing for free that should be enough the cheeky gits

  5. I saw Alex Etches and TXG’s reviews first. And they’re having a much better time with the results. Is this a case of this driver just not being the right one for Peter? Perhaps the shaft isn’t right? Still a great video 👌

  6. Great review. I am curious, I love the consistency with the shafts throughout all this testing, but have you considered 1 shaft for all heads is not actually a good thing? A ventus black (low launch/ low spin) with a very low spin and light head might lead you down bad results compared to using that shaft with a head like callaway that has a head that spins more and weighs differently? You know a ton more and I’m curious to your opinions on this.

  7. Thanks for your review Peter. I particularly like your comparison between the standard and the LS version. But anyway, if I want to buy a new driver, I prefer waiting for the 2023 to come out and then buy a new 2022 at a much lower price. After all, if the 2022 models were so good last year, they should still be good in 2023.

  8. The big question is here… how do they stack up against older drivers. 🤔 the sad thing that nobody really wants to admit is that nobody needs a new driver. Save the 400-600 you would spend in a new driver that gives you 3 extra yards of carry and go put it into lessons. Until there is a club that is released that improves upon my 270 carry by at least 15 yards or more, there is no point in buying anything. Great review, though, very thorough. Attention to detail is appreciated.

  9. I have a Cobra King F7 in Blue (thanks Japan) and I can’t hit the thing to save my life. I think for most super high handicappers (myself included), Cobra isn’t a brand for us in the driver category.

  10. I dont know how your chanel doesn’t have more subscribers. Your videos are so well done and bloody funny! Its a shame I cant edit to save myself because id love to work with you guys!

  11. Different clubs for different people Alex etches smoked it with incredible dispersion I prefer callaway and cobra only because I struggle with my shape with other brands but another great review by finch

    1. Could be that the weighing is a touch off for Pete’s rythm. Alex gives juice to his sticks, while Pete is more of a smooth swinger kind of guy.

  12. No wonder Bryson was looking forward to this range of clubs. Low spinning bombers he can use, but nobody else can! Nice..

  13. I have the LTDx and am excited to test the new one. I have the luxury of running a pro shop so I will have the chance to test this against Callaway and ping so looking forward to the results. And being a magpie golfer I have a feeling my LTDx days are numbered

  14. Maybe trying an optimal shaft would be a good idea? Also a comparison between an optimal shaft and the shafts offered by cobra on the rack. Alex Etches Got the exact opposite result that you did, he had some laser straight drives that you could put a blanket over them all at almost 350 yards. So something here just doesn’t quite jive

  15. Another home run by Cobra. For someone of your skill level, I can see where it would be hard to notice any significant difference in the 2 models. For higher handicap players with less precise swings, the difference probably stand out more. I am curious over time to see how the PWR Bridge impacts things over time and more players hitting that club.

  16. I really was looking forward to this review, Peter. After your review, I think I will happily stay with my LTDx – it was good already but since I shortened the shaft by half an inch it’s just the perfect reliable driver for me. Anyways, thanks for great content!

  17. It’s so refreshing to hear an honest opinion about a club that’s been just released. So many YT channels say everything is the best. I just subscribed as a result!

  18. Love my speed zone. Even thou at times it doesn’t reciprocate. I like cobra and there gear. Keep it up! Thanx for the info.

  19. All these driver options make it complicated. I had the TSi3 which is low spin and for the first time hated my Titleist driver. Got rid of it recently and got the TM Stealth. Far easier to use.

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