Why are these FORGED irons SO CHEAP?

I evaluate out possibly the very best spending plan on the marketplace to see if their performance actually adds up and to ask if their low price is too great to be true …

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Why are these SO CHEAP?

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  1. Your videos are always some of my favorite golf videos to watch. Serious golf videos by a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Very approachable with the right amount of dry English sarcasm and these reviews always feel balanced and fair. Thanks for doing what you are doing!

  2. I’m looking for a new set – normally get them from the local tip. I play of single figures so this might just be up my street. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Being playing Haywood CB/MB combo set for around a year. Absolutely buttery soft when hit out of the middle. I came from a set of T300s and my game has only improved. Plus being a Canadian I love the fact that it’s a Canadian company. Highly recommend these sticks.

    1. I’m more of a mid-handicap. Decent leisure golfer but not winning any tournaments. I found that toe shots (as mentioned by finch) do go shorter, but my left / right dispersion was a lot better than my game improvement irons. I also don’t get flyers anymore so I feel a bit more in control. For me less balls in the bush led to a lower score.

  4. Huge Shoutout to Peter and his team for taking the time to review our brand. Means a lot to us! Thank you!

    1. They are excellent clubs but,and BiG But, you can’t compete with SUB 70 659s on price. They have no upcharge on lengthing or lie angle adjustment. Only upcharge for shafts and ferrels. Plus no tax outside Illinois. And free shipping. You charge 30 bucks to ship. Was the diffrence me choosing SUB 70. Takomo is the only DTC that can compete on price.

  5. Would it be worth doing 2 build your bag series? As you are someone who has access to pretty much any brand, cost isn’t a factor (as much I assume). So would be cool to see a build my bag that has limitations to how much you can spend and then do a round with both to see how they both fair and the difference in result

  6. Great video. Nice to see cost vs performance. To be clear I use iron covers. Not to protect my clubs but I put the club cover in my back pocket so if I get to the next shot and have a club head cover in my back pocket… I just left a club behind. Since I started doing this I have never been more than 1 shot away from my abandoned club. I keep trying to get someone to run off with my 60 degree wedge but it keeps finding its way home.

  7. I’ve started building myself some older Japanese model forged irons. Yamahas, Bridgestone, PRGR etc. And I have to admit, I’m using iron covers on them.

  8. I believe it’s not just the Direct-to-Consumer that lowers the cost. Avoiding extensive advertising and not paying players to use the clubs also keeps the costs from getting out of hand. Nice clubs!!

  9. Would be interested in what you thought about the Haywood compared to the Takomo irons. I’ve been considering the Takomo’s with the Ultralight shafts but this video gives me something to think about. Love these product reviews!

  10. A comparision between these Haywood and the corresponding Takomo (Iron 301, also in MB, CB and combo sets) would be fantastic…

  11. This is a great video / review. Genuinely think you are the best reviewer on YouTube. Informative, fair and use good comparators. Bravo 👏

  12. Thank you for looking at “value” brands that have style and quality going for them as well.
    Was given a set of old Dunlop irons, re-gripped and cleaned up polished the heads and they are “fantastic to hit” got the grips of Aliexpress in a few weeks (set of 11).
    I was shocked how close they are to my playing set, different feel but very sweet weight and feel.
    Don’t forget this option, plenty old Irons about, I had a set or old Mizuno’s also free before this they cleaned up well also, gave those to a family member as a set.

    1. Glad you’ve been reusing golf clubs, James. Some older clubs are simply irreplaceable. Well 👍✅

  13. I’m gaming these right now, got fitted in spring of 2022 and absolutely love them. Currently playing the CB, tried the MB and they were too intimidating. Really nice to see Haywood on Peter Finch channel

  14. Your review videos are just on a different level to anyone else’s. It’s not just about how much you enjoy hitting them , it’s the little points of interest that you think we might like to know that we probably wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. You certainly do a good job of selling these because I almost want to buy the CB versions right now and yet I don’t even need new irons (at least I don’t think I do, or do I?)

  15. The do look great, should I get myself to a position where I could make use of them, I would definitely consider Haywood. Currently using takomo 101t which are taking some getting used to

  16. Would love to see you play a round with these clubs and do sort of a course vlog while you’re using the new irons.
    Play a little aggressive / risky golf to see how they perform.

  17. Absolutely love my combo set. Got them in January and the handicap tumbled from 14 to 8. So consistent and the feel is awesome.

  18. Started out with a combo set, best feeling irons I ever had. HW later helped me order a reversed combo set. So now I have both mb and cb in full sets!
    The performance, feel and look is 10/10 and a huge plus for their customer service!!

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