Which Putter Is Right For You?

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Which Putter Is Right For You?

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    1. I can totally understand, I’ve got an old Nike Oz 6. So ugly and so good. It has paid for itself 10x over.

  1. I’ve been using an Odessy Fang 2-Ball for years, and love that thing. The only thing I’d think of changing it out for is the Odessy Sabertooth.

  2. Sorry Peter, i am having to Unsubscribe, as i have a Cleveland Centre Shaft Putter and I love it, I only like you.

  3. The Lab mallet also doubles as a beer bottle opener.

    Also is it bad I’m still rolling with the Ping Zing 2?

  4. Great stuff! When I got my putter (cobra cuda vintage) my fitter told me that one of the most important things about picking a putter is the looks. You can find putters that behave the same but the club you look at the most is the putter and if you feel something is off about how it looks its a no go.

  5. Love the weirdness of the lab. But what I love more is the easiness and confidence I get from it. Drop 5 strokes on average a round within 2 months

  6. I love my ER11. How did you like Aguila? I think it’s pretty good for a muni. You need to come out to the East Valley next time you’re in AZ. (Las Sendas, Gold Canyon, Ocotillo, Poston Butte )

  7. Great choice of cap Pete!! And a cheeky cameo from the big man Craigy!!👌🏼 Quality vid too. 👏🏼

  8. Ive had my design by Cleveland in bag for 30yr old style proper blade soft no sweet spot absolutely love it still. Putting should be about feel & being comfy with a putter in hand

  9. Just completed my personal masterpiece. Miura KM007, LA Golf Soho shaft, and a Pure Oversized grip. The grip is heavy enough to counterbalance the heavy Miura head, and tbh I didn’t know a putter could feel this nice. It’s been a work in progress for years, but I feel like it’s finally done and I struggle to believe it’s not the best putter on the planet.

  10. Surprised you didn’t go back to the LAB putter, you seem to hole loads when you had it! But what works for year of the Finch!

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