Which FAIRWAY WOOD is right for you.. and what should you AVOID!

Selecting a fairway wood can be tough and it is necessary to prevent certain mistakes many enthusiasts make. Also the very best fairway wood for your game may not be the very best and most recent tech … In this video I'll also be choosing a fairway wood for the Build My Bag series

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Which FAIRWAY WOOD is right for you.. and what should you AVOID!

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  1. So I actually just took out my three wood and put in more of a 4 wood. This was already fine because my next club up is a big bertha heavenwood which is a 7 wood.

  2. Currently using a Callaway Rogue – £500 is abit pricey for me but if you can afford it why not get the best!

  3. I just switched from my original Taylormade Rocketballz 3w which was long off tee but essentially unhitable from any other lie than fairway, to the new stealth 2+ 3w I tried it at my local golf galaxy here in US, and got it fitted and that massive movebale weight was magic. I get such a nice hug ball flight even as a higher handicapper that it’s makes long par threes and par five much less scary and I can even slight work the ball off the tee with it

  4. Just went through a bit of testing as well. I settled on PXG 0311! I don’t work the ball a great deal, either it’s arrow or 5 yard fade but always playable. The paradigm was my second choice, but I’ll be honest, I play PXG irons so that factored.

  5. I’ve gamed my Cobra F7 for the last two seasons. Bought the head gently used, had a shaft fitted. Your closing point is exactly why i’m just not in the market for a fairway wood. I’ve hit most of the new offerings, and there’s so little to be gained. I’m an Assistant Pro, I get the opportunity to hit a lot of clubs at fitting events each year and my F7 is still relevant and paid for! Much love, Peter! ⛳️ 🏌️‍♂️ 👊

  6. I recently switched from a Callaway XR-16 3w to Taylormade SIM 2. Got a great deal on it. Little deeper than I’m used to but it really goes, much like you said about the Stealth 2. It does sit slightly closed, so I’m going to adjust the face.Prefer a square face

  7. I haven’t the swing speed for a 3 wood, my first wood in my bag is the PXG 0311 gen6 7 wood. It’s bloody awesome

  8. Totally agree on the price issue for G430 LST! 😳. Just put the G425 3 & 5 woods in my bag at a sensible price and love them 👍

    1. I was going to say the exact same thing. I work at a golf shop and when I first saw it I had concluded that ping have finally lost their minds

  9. I have the Bombtec 3.0 three wood. It’s the best three wood I’ve hit in years and the price was right, free! I would never have gotten one for myself, but I’d recommend it to anyone. Like the driver, it has a rather weak “stiff” shaft that stands up to hard fades as opposed to trying to hit a hard draw or hook. To hit a good draw or hook, you have to lay off it a bit.

  10. I have recently put the standard Stealth 2 5wood in the bag and it is fantastic, great distance and consistency !

  11. Currently have a Cobra LTDX 3W in my bag with a VA Drago shaft. Out of the 5 different manufacturers with many many shaft flex and weight options the Cobra had the best dispersion left to right. It looks great at address and the sound is crisp when hit out of the sweet spot. Not the most forgiving on heel and toe strikes but that is totally my fault for not having a consistent swing path. ( work in progress)

  12. I went a bit Frankenstein on my fairway wood. M5 5 wood, turned the loft right down and put a 3 wood length shaft in it, love the feel and the open face takes away some of the fear of a left miss

  13. I tried out the 430 LSt 3 wood at a local shop and fell in love with it, glad to see you added it at the end of the video! The price is rough, but I ended up trading in a few older clubs I had that were gathering dust and got it for a decent price. Great vid, Pete!

  14. My 1st gen Cobra Speedzone 3 wood ain’t leaving the bag. It’s the best 3 wood I’ve ever owned.

    That said, I read an article last night that the 430 max was taking over on tour. How about getting fitted for both and do a deep dive comparison.

  15. I was gaming the same 3 wood for about 10 years, finally got fitted and was put in the Titleist TSr2 with a slightly shorter shaft and let me tell you.. absolute MONSTER off the tee. Been a game changer.

  16. Still playing my old Titleist PT 904f with the ust v2 70gram stiff shaft and nothing I’ve hit lately has made me want to spend the money on replacing it. I know I’m probably giving u a few yards, but it’s familiar and works for me. Not to mention I picked it up for $15.00 used at a local resale shop. Still the best fairway I’ve ever owned!

  17. Got a cobra Speedzone . Absolutely love it. The rails just give me huge confidence. and save me a lot.

  18. This is an interesting video as the paradym is killing it for forgiveness and distance compared to TM. However you still here this TM goes further which means.. get tested yourself and see what works best for you. Also.. stealth has a tendency to break so something to consider.

    Honestly think all clubs have so little difference these days and can be fit to do whatever as there are so many models of each wood.

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