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What Happened Between and

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  1. Great news and liking the new podcast! I understand that there needs to be a “host” (Mick) to ask questions and steer the discussion, but I don’t think it needs to be steered every 5 seconds, let people tell their stories!

    1. All a leaning curve for all of us. Itโ€™s tricky with four people and making sure we donโ€™t trip over each other too much. Think of it like a chat down the pub

    2. @Peter Finch Golf Exactly lad, the chat down the pub ambience is exactly what you should be going for.

      Incidentally any chance you would do some sort of collab with Matt Golf Sidekick? That chap is an absolute hoot. Even for a chat on a podcast would be great.

  2. Well, I guess the podcast is a go ๐Ÿ˜… Still learning the ropes (especially getting the cameras sorted) and working away, give the vid a like and subscribe to this channel and the main podcast YouTube channel ๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. What happened between you guys and Mark Crossfield? You once did a Collab with them but now the older YT channels don’t Collab anymore, like meandmygolf and Mark Crossfield.

    2. Iโ€™m sure you will create some great content. Some of the most interesting stuff to listen to is general golf talk.

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  3. It’s true. Golfbidder challenge is the best! You and Rick are the big boys! Good to see Matt’s channel growing too.

    1. Pretty sure the match itself is the best part….don’t really care about picking random clubs….most people are there just to see the match I would think. Getting matches setup is probably always going the best videos…and full 18 hole, stroke play matches at that.

    2. @PreppinShootinLivin I hear ya. But I’m an avid buyer of second hand clubs and I do like a good afternoon trolling golfbidder (and other second hand club outlets!) to see if I can pick up a bargain. Me and a few mates at my home club have our own retro club challenge (garage edition) twice a year so I do like the full content ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. Itโ€™s nice to see the collabs but itโ€™s been great to see your own content and it feels like itโ€™s getting better and better and that hopefully you are enjoying it more and more. I hope you have another good year!

  5. No doubt I’m a huge R S fan. No matter the hatters I think he’s fantastic with original content and the things he’s done have has brought him much deserved success. But, your channel is great as well. You do a fantastic job on all the content you provide on your channel. You have done a great job building your brand so to speak and you also deserve much success. Wishing you well from the USA!

  6. Love the content Pete, and really love the videos when you and the boys get together (Rick, Andy, and Matt) and also really loved the hell out of the Golf Bidder series, hopefully you get to do more videos together!

  7. It just makes me more comfortable knowing you guys are all still friends at least. I’d love more videos but I am content knowing you’re all good.

  8. Well done guys, can’t wait for the golf bidder challenge with Rick, and hope you guys do more stuff with you and the golf life boys. You vs Jimmy Bullard would be a class course vlog!!!

  9. I think people forget just how quickly YT golf creative has evolved and how well Pete and Rick and the guys have done. It was never going to stay the same once the businesses took off. Just glad the friendships are still there.

    1. Yeah, it’s very easy for the business side of things to go wrong and ruin friendships. Glad to see that seems to not have happened here. Nothing wrong with people growing apart and go in their separate directions, but it’s always nice if it happens without any bitterness.

  10. I love Rick but he definitely went off on his own a bit relative to the rest of the Manchester Four (Carter, Fryer, Finch, Shiels) as you can still see the other 3 routinely showing up in their respective channels playing golf and generally keeping up the same shenanigans that got me subscribing to all 4 back in the lockdown days. Excited for the podcast, Pete!

  11. I became familiar with Peter and Rick through their Golfbidder Challenges. Canโ€™t wait to see what the challenge brings in 2023.

  12. I have to admit that I was so disappointed that when Rick was filming with Good Good that he didn’t have Peter, Andy, and Matt team up with Rick to do a 4 v 4 or something like that with the boys. I was really hoping that that would happen. Would have been EPIC! Felt a little deflated when it didn’t happen. Love your stuff Peter, please keep making videos with Matt and Andy. Love the camaraderie.

    1. 100% agree. For my taste, the Rick/Andy/Matt/Peter group videos are the best. I really prefer them to just about any other content on any of their four channels. I mean there are cool things like Rick playing Crail with Iona, and Peter doing the contests against course head pros, and I love all those things, but when a bunch of those guys get together, that’s genuinely fun stuff.

    2. That European tourney definitely fell short when Rick was the only one representing home court. Then he went and played like crap โ˜น๏ธ

  13. Sure it was a bit awkward for Pete, but weโ€™ve all been wondering for a long time. Iโ€™m sure a lot of your viewers are newer, but the Rick, Pete, and Andy videos were unmatched. Hopefully we can atleast get 2 or 3 vlogs a year together.

  14. People like to see pals having some banter together – Peter, Matt, Carter & Rick enjoyable videos. Good Good format worksโ€ฆ. Not just about playing top pros this doesnโ€™t always make good content.

  15. Babies and families, minor mega empires on youtube, moving back to the UK Matt, Rick, Andy and Pete. We understand that you guys are all busy, But some of your (collective) videos are hilarious. Some are breathtaking, Woburn Rick hitting out of that ditch. Possibly the finest scramble shot I’ve seen. The one where he hits it out over the trees to within a foot. I’m so glad to have seen them! There is nothing like watching old friends falling over themselves ribbing on each other. Matt and Andy are a show worth watching on their own. You can actually see Pete reliving some of these things in his eyes. good times, I’ve watched hours of you guys berating each other. Time well spent; I think.

  16. I want to see the fab four (Pete, Rick, Andy, Matt) get back together for a 2v2 match. Youโ€™ve all progressed so much.

  17. I just really enjoy both Ricky and yourself Pete. Special mention to your whole team by the way- definitely a nice personality to your channel. All the best for 2023 everybody ๐Ÿ’ช

  18. Honestly, the vlogs and the all the videos are great, and getting a half a million subscribers or 2 million subscribers can be great, especially considering the money that comes with those levels, but friendships are more important. Long after all these tour pros have moved on and forgotten who y’all are, you still need to have your group of friends. The four of you guys need to stick together and make sure the business and fame take a back seat.

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