What Can Scratch Golfer Score From BACK TEES at TOUR COURSE?!

What can scratch player score from the back tees on a tour course? I travel to the Regnum Carya in Belek, Turkey to take on the course and learn!

Also, a big thank you to Jet2 and Go Türkiye for getting me out there. To learn more about the courses I played and the hotel we stayed in, ensure to have a look at …

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What Can Score From BACK TEES at TOUR COURSE?!

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  1. Perfect timing for a Finch video! About 6 holes in, one comment I wanted to make is that video quality is a bit too bright/overexposed – makes it difficult to see/follow the ball, at least for me on my phone. Can also tell cause the sky is white instead of blue.

  2. Hey Pete, any chance you can explain reading greens? I.E: uphill vs downhill breaks, how you determine speed changes and grass direction?

    1. Best advice I can say is go and have a putting lesson. Worth every penny. Best thing I ever did. Such an integral part of the game that needs to be educated in.

  3. Your practice at the start, about covering the ball with your chest, makes me hope/wish for an early extension fix video on Swing Quest or something. It’s the biggest thing I myself and many other people struggle with and might not even know about

  4. I was glad to see that by the end you recognized how insane some of those attempted shots were. Sometimes we have to take our medicine. Either way though, silver on a tour course is still incredible golf.

  5. I think with the “crazy” shots you’re still in “YouTube” mode! Which we love to see!! But these scoring vlogs are a different gravy! Great score from the back BACK tees though mate! And you’re right….PIX balls is the best looking ball when you putt it on line perfectly! 👌🏻🤙🏻

  6. So cool, just played that last october! One tee forward and shot a 82. Played it in the evening with flood light

    1. @Peter Finch Golf yeah was very nice, will go back there this october. Btw.: I wrote you a mail about an app (golfdrills), might got in your spam. Would be nice to get a response even if it is just “not interested”.

  7. Just love your videos man, thanks for keeping us entertained like that! Greetings from Germany!

  8. Man I can still remember when you and Rick took on Andy and Piers at this course for Christmas with the Santa and elf hats on 😂 good times 🎅🧝‍♂️

  9. Question: to maintain a Scratch handicap on the courses and tees you are playing, do you actually need to be shooting par?

  10. Nice Job! Did you change from tp5x to tp5 for the last few rounds? Which ball do you prefer?

  11. Great video. I was getting ‘Tin Cup’ (American movie) vibes with some of your shot selections. As someone else mentioned, Youtube golf needs to be put away when you shoot this series VLOG.

  12. Hey Pete, what balls are you using? love watching your content, just started myself so trying to pick up any tips!

  13. It would be so hard for me to film someone golfing these beautiful courses and not be playing myself. Unless I worked for Pete and he paid me the big money!

  14. Great series. Feel like the YouTubers are missing out on my home county of Northumberland’s golf courses when back in the uk! Beautiful part of the country and some unbelievable courses!

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