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  1. Started play golf in -88. 1992-2016 i had hcp 4,2-5,1. Couple of years off and started autum -21 again. Went from 4,6 hcp to 7,3. Last year (2022) started at a hcp of 7,3, went up 9,3 at the highest and closed 2022 hcp at 6,5. I’m currently on my 48th living year, and i wont be further off the tee, but my dream is to manage to have sub 4 hcp. If that happends season 2023 or 2024 i dont know. But i want it to happend. So thats my goal i believe. Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪❣️🙌🏼

  2. I want to play a round with you this year. Iv mentioned before I think you should do a subscriber round where you can do an assessment pre round then after and see if your input helped. And it would be awesome to play a round haha

  3. 1. A consistent 250yd drive, I’m at 230yds now.
    2. Consistently shoot low to mid 80’s. 
    (Current HCP 22)

  4. Cheers Pete…….your a good dude……have a 4 day open event so we can all have a game and a laugh…… just an idea😉

  5. Get to single figures from currently 12.4. Today I’ve shoot my hcp using only 4 Clubs and in Winter with wind, so should be possible…

  6. Come the warmer months (because winter is time to stay at your home club …Brrrr!!), to play at least one new course a month.

  7. I’m trying to get out once a week and have at least 9 holes. You’re welcome to come join me Pete.

    Oh and I live in Barbados so you might need to pack an overnight bag along with your clubs. 😅

  8. Break 100. I’ve been within 10 strokes before, which for me is huge
    Work on my driver.
    Figure out how to increase spin on my chips once the first 2 are done

  9. My goals are:
    – get a handicap
    – win a club competition
    – no more than six 3-putts on summer greens

  10. As I get older my goals are to break 80. I’m 66 now. Still trying. Thanks Pete for helping.

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