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  1. I saw the description and thought about laying up, trying to get up and down worse walk away with a bogey
    But that doesn’t seem to be an option 😂

  2. I’m either hittin’ 3 Wood or blasting the absolute hell out of my 4 hybrid (goes completely wrong)

  3. Tee up a “found-on-the-course ball” or a “water ball”; aim a little more left than usual, then try to cut/fade a 3 wood!

  4. Probably driver, maybe 3 wood. It mainly depends on the elevation drop and if it’s into wind or not. Into wind I’m teeing up a found ball for shiggles, then probably heading to the drop zone.

  5. First thing I want to know is wind direction then I want to know the downward elevation if that’s even a thing and then I’ll I know that I’ll hit a 3 iron into the water

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