We play for £25,000 over 18 holes (NOT CLICKBAIT!)

We play a HUGE 18-hole match for ₤ 25,000!!! I take on against Andy Carter in "The Showdown" at Website GC in a legendary fight for ₤ 25k!

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We play for £25,000 over 18 holes (NOT CLICKBAIT!)

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  1. Was an absolute pleasure having you both at our course, hope to see you again soon! ⛳️

    1. They definitely made full use of the opportunity by playing ALL the course…and more 😂👍🏻😎

  2. Great fun so far! Matt looks like an actual caddie too – it’s unbelievable! Haha

  3. It’s great to watch two friends, who obviously get on so well, play golf together. You are both trying so hard to play well with so much money at stake. I’m on hole 4 so far & its already turning into a classic.. I’m not sure who I would put my money on to win..

  4. Andy – love the charity. My son was born with a congenital heart defect as well, and we lucked out by being near the top childrens hospital and so it was noticed at 20 weeks, but many parents don’t get that notice until a baby turns blue at home or worse. Respect.

    1. Absolutely Daniel, I class us as lucky too. Hope your son is doing good now buddy

  5. Absolutely love seeing you two playing, it’s funny and brilliant golf and what a brilliant amount of charity work and excellent charities

  6. What a fun video. I appreciate the cheekiness you both exhibit towards each other whilst not taking yourselves too seriously. 😂

  7. Cuddos to the camera work and the editing crew!
    The PIP and sound quality are great!

    1. @Andy Carter Golf
      Great recovery against Pete. Your talent shines through… occasionally 😁

  8. Pete’s mum dishing out the sun-cream after having brought a blanket for sitting in the cart with is peak mum and I love it

  9. Wow ! What up and down marathon of a contest guys , fantastic charity total , you both should be proper proud .

  10. Great to see Andy back on the channel and fantastic to see a charity benefit from your efforts well done fellas!! 👍👍👏👏

  11. Loved this, great match watched every minute of it, great banter with you two as always

  12. Awesome video. Absolutely loved it. Good golf, bad golf great banter between great mates! You could feel the tension as you got further round the course! Lol charity wins but you two really put a smile on my face! Thanks guys!!

  13. I knew I was in for special round of golf when a 7 took a skin on the first par 5. It’s always enjoyable watching Pete and Andy playing golf and this video lived up to my expectations. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Amazing charity to raise money for guys and a great video.
    Always great to see the both of you on the course together, hope we see more of it through the rest of the year👍

  15. Let the bickering showdown begin! ;)You guys are hilarious together as usual. Love me a long vlog too!

  16. Well done you 2!!!! Great content and good on you Peter Finch to back tiny tickets also. Andy Carter so glad your little one is doing well and that you are giving back to other families.
    I am proud to follow both your channels and after seeing this video I am validated in doing so!!!
    Cheers to both of you and your teams!!!

  17. Soooo good having you both back together, so much fun. The chemistry is genuine, effortless and undeniable. Props gents.

  18. Great content Pete and Andy, really enjoy the matches with Carter and Mat. hopefully another 4 ball coming this summer with you 2 Rick and Matt. congratulations to both the charities. Thank you Pete for the entertainment.

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