We Entered The International Pro-Am!

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We Entered The International Pro-Am!

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    1. @Callum Shield ohh you’re hard in the Peter finch YouTube comment section 😂🤦‍♂️🤣🍉

  1. Pete, that was some exceptional ball striking and the first putt was excellent!

  2. Love this type of video!! Also put my vote in for another collaboration with Carter, Matt, and Rick!!!!!

  3. That was awesome., you had some great shots Pete. The 2 legends were amazing. It must have been so cool playing there with them. ⛳️⛳️. Well done

  4. I missed the pro-am videos. Hope you do a full length one with every shot! That would be epic.

  5. Absolutely brilliant This kind of video is first class ,so please more of this type Pete

  6. I love when you’re with proper proper pros. Your game just goes up a level. They should just put you in the open as a wild card

  7. Could someone explain to me the rules and how this was scored? Did the 2 pros play their own balls and then the amateurs played a scramble?

  8. Really good video. Relaxed, fun, interesting, and entertaining. Not always my personal experience whenever I play golf. Nice to see professionals and amateurs playing side by side and the banter between everyone was great. Some very interesting people and their sporting backgrounds likewise. More like this please Peter, great work!

  9. Loved it really top class and great to see the great Mr McIntyre great stuff Pete

  10. Awesome content, loving the vlogs Mr. Finch. Credit to you and your team. Keep up the great work.

  11. Been into golf seriously for about a year and a half, and Bob is one of my absolutely favourites, bright future ahead great guy

  12. Looking forward to seeing the winter vlog of the Luge 😁😎👍 should be fun. Plus you should doo more of these Pro-Ams they look fun too watch.

  13. More of this Pete!! Great to see Bob play too!!

    Pete on the luge would be hilarious!!

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