Two attempts at each shot… can a SCRATCH GOLFER beat TIGER’S BEST SCORE?!

I handle ' finest score at the Royal course in Turkey with a twist … I get 2 attempts at each shot! A huge thank you to Jet2 and Go Türkiye for making this video possible and for taking us on a memorable experience. To discover more about the courses I played and the hotel we remained in, make certain to take a look at …

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Two attempts at each shot… can a SCRATCH GOLFER beat TIGER'S BEST SCORE?!

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  1. A two ball scramble. I play that way all the time. On my 9 hole course I play in 1 hour 20 minutes. Doing a two ball scramble (if I need a 2nd shot). Of course, usually shoot around par. You got a great game Pete.

    1. We sometimes play a variation where you can mulligan any shot if you don’t like the result. Only catch being you have to play your second if you choose to play it.

    2. Our clubhouse allows a person to play 2 balls at a time if a 4 ball competion is played and your team is only 2 players

    3. I play solo scrambles everytime I go out. If…1. I’m solo lol…and 2.. if I’m not holding any other players up

    4. The only tournament I’ve won in our Men’s Club is a One Man Scramble. Awesome format!

  2. I just played a 1 man scramble format. Just like you I lost a stunning number of golf balls. I tried the most ridiculous shots with my second ball. Great content Pete.

  3. Your content is getting better and better….you have a great team around you .. hope you haven’t been too hard on him for crashing the drone😅

  4. That poor tortoise it only took him 3 weeks to get that far, and you took him all the way back 😂😂😂 you’ve been like Dr Doolittle this one mate, another cracking video again well done everyone 🏌️‍♀️⛳️🏌️‍♀️

  5. My favorite part- “Come on, Tiger would’t back down……Bailout”. Haha. Lov ya Pete. The videos have been killer lately

  6. So I tried this for 9 holes. I played off 2 at the time, not anymore. I have never had so much luck, sunk 40 ft putt and chipped in. Great practice for all levels because it reminds you of how to cope scoring low and what concentration can do to a score.

  7. Great video Pete. Spectacular course and very good golf being played. Give me 10 goes at every shot and I still wouldn’t even come close.

  8. I thought of a great series for you and Rick. You each get a beginner golfer, train them up, then have the trainees compete.

  9. I recently played against two 20 caps (I’m off 14) who played as a scramble and I had two shots off the tee. Makes a huge difference, particularly on the par 3s. It was a close game, I won 3&1.
    I think if you can do it on every shot putting would be boosted so much. No excuse to not go low!

  10. Fantastic video, Pete & Co! Maybe having that second shot is a bad thing because once you’ve hit a good shot, your brain knows it doesn’t matter and gives up on it?

  11. Great content Pete. I would like to see you do this again and do it at as a series. Kind of like a tribute to Tiger.

  12. I’d never thought of doing this. I play a lot of solo golf and do ball 1 Vs ball 2, but this seems like a great idea to build confidence.

  13. Focus & Freedom is what I’ll take away from this challenge 💚 My favorite practice is one ball against the other. It’s amazing to me how many times the worst of the two tee shots ends up tying or winning the hole! More often than logic would have you think. That knowledge gives me some comfort on the course in regular play situations.

  14. To be honest, as you get closer to the end, you are likely getting tired, after all, you have effectively played 2 rounds in one, hitting twice as many shots as you would normally. Well done Peter.

  15. Would love to see a solo scramble match with you and the guys, such a fun format.

    Definitely a different mindset when you know you can play it safe for one shot and then really rip at it after that!

  16. Loved this. Some of your best banter, more pls. Well done for not saying pin high is a sign of quality ball striking 😂

  17. I’ve done what you did and that concentration is so important. Along with the commitment works. Thanks Pete

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