Trying to beat this legend’s INCREDIBLE 150-YEAR-OLD RECORD!

In an epic clash between brand-new and old, Peter Finch requires to the original 12-hole design at Prestwick Club, to exceed set by famous enthusiast Young Tom Morris, and previous head professional of Prestwick GC, Frank Rennie!

Huge thank you to Prestwick GC, and head expert, David Fleming, for welcoming us to experience the course in its original setting from the very first Open!

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Trying to beat this legend’s INCREDIBLE 150-YEAR-OLD RECORD!

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  1. Love Pete’s personally. Used to watch Rick Shiels just to see Pete play. Rick could learn a few things from Pete

  2. May I just say that I envy your tempo. I’ve decided now that’s the area I’ll focus on next season. I’m too jerky and snappy with anything longer than an 8 iron.

  3. Ah the ol’ Tom M challenge. All while overlaying Tom’s favorite hype song in the video 😂 great video as always.

  4. That course layout is pretty damn confusing but so brilliantly eccentric too.
    Shame Andrew C didn’t bring Olive and Mabel along to meet you…

  5. Played a few big courses in Ayrshire earlier this year, made the trip to Preswick just for a souvenir and to take some pictures

  6. Great channel Pete. The music adds nothing and would prefer it to be much quieter.
    Keep up the good content 👍

  7. Until the 1891 the hole diameter (4.25 inches) could be anything up to the size of a bucket. Does anyone know what the hole size was when Young Tom made those record scores ?
    Young Tom scored 3 on the 578 yd 1st hole which makes me think it was “a bucket’ hole.
    I can’t find any details on this on the net.

  8. Lots of memories being made in The Open 150 mold. I think you may have missed a trick not getting more of Andrew Cotter in the video and not mentioning Olive and Mable. OMG !!! They are huge 👍 Also think an Andrew Cotter voice over at the beginning would have been amazing. Loved what he did at St Andrews in 2015 😃

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