This is what a $30,000 CLUB FITTING looks like!!

Thanks for watching this video of the I Xperienced (sorry) at Scottsdale National Club, the house of which costs a substantial $30,000 to an outsider! Make certain to have a look at …

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This is what a $30,000 looks like!!

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  1. Rookie travel mistake pete! Have to put 1 or 2 Apple Air tags in each of your checked bags! That way if lost or stolen, you can tell the airline exactly where it is

  2. I absolutely love the PXG clubs, I got the gen5 driver but need those irons in my life!!

  3. Love seeing this sort of stuff, deep fittings with all of the numbers and info is really interesting to see! I have never been a big PXG fan myself, but I have hit a friends PXG driving iron and that thing is a rocket. Might be time to give them a look….great vid Pete!

  4. Loved this vid, loved the style of video, it seemed raw and genuine. Looks like a great experience 😊

  5. Absolutely love my One & Done. Custom fit by PXG in Dallas – even though to begin with it wasn’t a putter liked the look of. Now you would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands …

  6. Hell yeah brother! I love my PXG clubs and finally get to see people like yourself show them off to the world. Thank you.

  7. I Love my PXG Gen 5 driver. Like the shape of their hybrids too, and wouldn’t mind trying the Gen 5 P irons… look forward to your testing results Pete!

  8. Hi Pete, they used to do that when the first started then they stopped the inclusive fitting days ,great to see they’ve brought it back again thanks 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🙏

  9. I got my full bag with gen 2 clubs and they are so good, the only issue are the wedges which I havne´t been able to control. Althought they really look amazing

  10. This was a really cool video, Pete! Did you ever get your original clubs back from the airlines?

  11. Great video Pete looking forward to seeing the rest. I can’t lie though it kinda triggered me you said you’d show the gift bag and didn’t I’m intrigued now lol

  12. I got fit for PXG clubs 2 years ago in Seattle, WA and paid $50…🤣That was the first time ever getting fitted…it was SO much fun and I was exhausted by the end…I hit SO many golf balls. But the fitting process…what a blast! I would encourage everybody to do it at least once…SO much fun!

  13. PXG equipment is as good as anybody’s. The customer service and care they take when fitting me close the deal for me. I have a couple of PXG clubs in the bag and will definitely be reaching out to them in the future.

  14. HAHAHA The slide you took into the bunker was great. The audible sound was like a cartoon. Excited to see the interview with Mr Parsons on the podcast.

  15. Glad you got a chance to do The Experience here, Pete! And I’m looking forward to the interview with Mr. Parsons; I’ve met him a couple of times and he is a very genuine stand-up guy!

  16. Right when you give me a little hope you are going to do a real fitting, you slam the door shut and give me this mush 🤣

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