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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t pick a spider with an alignment line for your test instead of the all black. But the two ball is a great putter

  2. Highly recommend Triple Track Chrome Soft, Pete. Very easy to line up short putts!

  3. Sad the X5 didnโ€™t make it past the looks ๐Ÿ˜ข also Iโ€™m surprised that Pete has never looked for a Scotty Terylium putter. I think heโ€™d like the dark look and the softness of it. Granted they are expensive

  4. Can’t go wrong with an Odyssey 2-ball. I have an original series one in my closet that goes back in the bag anytime my putting gets dodgy!

  5. went through the same thing not that long ago. Found the feel and forgiveness of the Bettinardi won out for me. Ended up with the Queen B 14, as it fit best with my slight arc of a putting stroke. I just looked and GolfBidder doesn’t seem to have any Bettinardi in stock. Such a shame.

  6. Have not played since 2006, following spinal surgery. Having said that, my club pro at the time told me to throw my putter in the skip and buy an Odessey 2 spot. Well I did as I was told, and dropped from a 24 handicap to 14, in 3 rounds. Fantastic putter. Play well, and great content Peter. Cheers.๐Ÿ‘

  7. Interesting that the Scotty you tried was a Newport 3. It looks like a Del Mar design to me. I have one but mine doesnโ€™t have an insert in the face. Just milled metal. The insert is an earlier version. Iโ€™ve been looking at the new Super Select Del Mar which has a double milled face, but at almost $450, I may keep looking. lol

  8. “I am choosing my life partner for the next year” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ instant classic Peter Finch quote…

  9. Great vlog. You lucky man being able to go into the warehouse, net you were in there for hours! The golfing gods have spoken. Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

  10. Anytime I feel like my putting is not where it needs to be I go back to the two ball. Something about it is just so trusty

  11. I used the Black faced OG back in the Day. I used it for Winters here in Wales, when the Greens got slow. I always wanted the White Hot for the Summer time.
    You have to give the Club more than a Year though. A Putter is like a Snooker Cue, it takes Years to build confidence and Consistency.

  12. Awesome upload Pete, I have love my white hot 2 ball putter for many years now, for a while I even got a custom made broom handle one, which helped me through bad back times, but I hated carrying it in my bag sticking out 4 feet from the top lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi Peter I have the odyssey white hot XG #6 putter for over ten years I just love it good luck with your new putter mate

  14. Just got one two years ago and it helps a lot. Not just alignment but that soft feel off the face is just wonderful. Thanks Pete

  15. Smashed it out again fella. Team Finch on fire with this video!
    Iโ€™d say you chose well.

  16. Hi Peter, I like your channel and I like the content you put out from week to week. However, just like Golf Bidder in the UK, I think you should do the USA version with 2nd Swing that provide the same service the next you are there.

  17. Thatโ€™s the putter Iโ€™ve wanted for a while now .๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  18. As always, i like the idea of golfbidder, but i always think back to my bad experience with them. Maybe its just their canadian division (golf avenue), but they once offered me 5$ (you read that right, 5$) for a brand new, hit maybe 10 times, no scuffs, callaway rogue 4iron.

    Looked on their website, they were selling those for almost 100$… Kinda put me off ๐Ÿ˜…

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