These glasses READ ANY PUTT In 5.8 seconds!

In this video, I unbox and test out the – the augmented-reality glasses of the future! A big thanks to partners of the Dundonald Links for hosting us at their lodges and offering the ideal area to try the .

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These glasses READ ANY PUTT In 5.8 seconds!

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  1. I can’t wait to use this on the minigolf courses. Let’s see if it can read a windmill.

  2. This looks like something Rodney Dangerfield’s character would pull out of the bag if they remade Caddy Shack today.

  3. The first thing I thought was the PGA will have a rule about this product but before a tournament, I can see people going around the course using this to read the greens breaks precisely. just adds to the total information that players will have available. Interesting product

    1. I’m quite sure there’s already a rule in place for any type of green reading equipment (spirit levels etc.) prior to a professional tournament which will cover this. I’m sure it’d still be very useful for pros during practice rounds outside of competitions though.

    1. Google Mojo Lenses, they started out to make a contact lense to do just that!! The concept was brilliant but they’ve ran into a bunch of issues, mostly with a way to power them!!

  4. You need to have a putting competition with one of your camera crew wearing it against you not wearing it, could be fun!

  5. The only question left is, when is your giveaway for a PuttView??? LOL

    This thing is very cool. Definitely feels like something for coaching/training and not for on-course use.
    It’s crazy to think, but could you imagine 20, 30, or 40 years down the road… these things becoming more compact and more easily accessible to where any golfer could wear them during a full round.

  6. That is very cool. Great for learning how to read greens and to practice putting for breaking putts!

  7. This needs to have a coaching app companion. Where a coach can turn the line on and off to help their student. Can it record a putt path and show where your last putt went? That would be ideal.

    So you get set up and have the prediction line off, try to read it as best you can by yourself and putt. Then pull up the prediction line and see the replay/putt line in comparison.

  8. This looks like it could really help someone get confident hitting the ball to a straight line. I know I always try tochit the break. The views you showed were crazy. This is awesome.

  9. That is a freaking trip! Super amazing technology and Peter sure looks fashionable wearing it!

  10. Those glasses are unbelievable. I wonder if tour players star using them… πŸ€”

  11. That’s absolutely awesome. Crazy tech and so cool to simulate reality basically. Now I wonder if it could detect grain interactions on Bermuda. That would be seriously impressive it if could.

  12. This hammers home the point that putting is so much more than the line. Speed and touch are crucial!

  13. That is amazing and could help so many beginners to have a couple of lessons with a pair on. πŸ‘

  14. Fantastic bit of kit. Could be the next β€˜must have’ training tech to support a pros launch monitor setup. How many of us actually take putting lessons? And reading a break lessons? Never. Be careful Shielsy doesn’t pinch it, Pete. If his putting suddenly becomes reasonable questions will need to be asked!πŸ˜‚

  15. Amazing technology.
    Would be a fantastic training aid.
    Would be good to see it develop so it’s a bit more wearable

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