THE TRUTH: Is the new TSR better than previous Titleist drivers? (TSR v TSi v TS)

I check the brand-new to find the fact … is it in fact any better than the previous TSi and TS models? This hands-on review and driver contrast was carried out over several weeks in a number of various locations, and is based on the numbers measured from Insight tech and my own experiences gaming the 3 on the course.

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THE TRUTH: Is the new better than previous ? (TSR v TSi v TS)

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  1. I went from titleist to cobra a few years ago and it was a mistake. Nothing on cobra because I wasn’t fitted and I bought the wrong one, but I had missed the titleist driver every time I used the cobra. I then went and got fitted and the Callaway triple diamond ls was easily the best club for me

  2. When it comes to drivers the formula isn’t super complicated. Get professionally fit for a head/shaft combo and stick with that set up for the next 3-5 years (or more) because things simply aren’t going to change in driver technology.

  3. Performance out of the middle is going to be almost the same, with every brand…. the stability and spin conditions on mishits on the Tsr are crazy good. A heel strike that should be spinning at 3k is spinning at 2300. Crazy good.

  4. Love your honesty. I tried the TSr during prelaunch. Really no significant difference. I concur with you the TS3 is the better feeling one

  5. I love this video Pete. Would love to see you do this with Taylormade from M4, Sims, and Stealth and also Ping and their G series

  6. Pete – I really appreciate you showing the face strike patterns. For most of us, who do not routinely hit the middle of the face, knowing a club performs well off center is a HUGE advantage.

  7. But this is a great sales point. The G425 was never the longest driver, even compared to the TS3 or TsI3 but it was consistent through much of the face. What you have now is a driver that is as good distance wise as the Ts3 or TsI3 but now with the forgiveness of the G425. It is a big deal because most of us ‘regular’ golfers square one up maybe three times a round. The rest are heel shots, toe shots or too high and too low on the face. Or all of the above. This is the biggest difference between the older generation of drivers and the new ones. You really can’t make them go much farther without making them non conforming. So making them easier to hit while making them just as long is going to be a big selling point.

  8. As it has been said a lot in recent years, it appears drivers have hit their cap with regards to distance taking in consideration ball and club face regulations. It’s all about accuracy now. As great as Titelest drivers have been the last few years, you can’t help but notice no one is raving about forgiveness with these drivers.

  9. I’m so glad you were the first to jump into comparing these. I still game the TS3. This is probably the year for me. 🤨

  10. I have to say I’ve heard many people say that driver technology is pretty much maxed out. Has been for the last 3-4 seasons. So all these brands putting out drivers every year prosing faster and longer are really selling you a $600 driver for 0.5 mph ball speed and an added yard. Complete crap if you ask me

  11. Quite a few videos released today on these Drivers and as usual Pete your video was the best and most informative.
    I really like it when all youtubers compare the new release Drivers against the predecessors.

  12. Really happy to see you still doing videos on equipment. I like watching these even though I never buy anything.

  13. The interesting thing is that the TSr2 and TSr4 have a more forgiving face design for off-center hits. the TSr3 has that round hot spot right in the center for “springier” shots for those who consistently hit the center.

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