The MOST REQUESTED golf club review of 2023!

When you ask for it, we deliver! After hundreds of messages and comments, tests and examines the new Dynapwr motorists from Wilson, comparing them versus the current releases of chauffeurs, and offering his sincere viewpoint on the chauffeur you wanted to find out about!

WARNING! Stunning results …

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The MOST REQUESTED club review of 2023!

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  1. Pete, thank you for the golf content. For a player of your caliber, choosing the Stealth 2 vs Paradym triple diamond for 2023 has me scratching my head.

  2. interesting results on what I thought would have been a mediocre club.
    My previous experience with WILSON brand hasnt been stellar either but Im a tad impresssed.

  3. Would love to see what the outcome is if you can crank it down to compare against the other big boys!

    1. I bet it would compare if not do better but I don’t think he could bring himself to put in the bad a Wilson driver lol

  4. Great video! Would loved to have seen Pete crank the loft down on the carbon and really go at a few, but I get there were maybe head and shaft restrictions

    1. Almost like there is something strategic about staying in a mid handicapper swing speed. At the end of the video, I was like, “you are not going to de-loft it and actually see what it’s got at your full swing speed?”

  5. I began playing 40 years ago using Wilson clubs and continue to use Wilson Staff clubs and have owned many Taylormade, Ping and Callaway clubs in those years but love the feel of the Wilson Staff forged iron’s and now considering the new Dynapower driver after seeing this, Thanks Pete for amazing content and honest reviews!

  6. This is the second review of the Wilson driver I’ve seen today. In both cases, the testers were surprised and impressed by the performance and price of this brand. Also, the carbon model was the preferred choice. It looks like Wilson has produced a driver worthy of competing against the top brands on the market today, but because of the stigma that Wilson has been inferior for many years, people will pass it by.

    1. and those who aren’t snobbish about the name and just want a cheap but quality driver will prosper for it lol.

  7. Great review – just goes to show a good driver can be made and sold below £400. A bit of feedback on the results graphic, I found that difficult to read 😳

  8. If there was an Oscar for YouTube video editing, your crew would win hands down. Your content is killing it this year!

  9. Considering Wilson’s legacy in the game, people really want to see them catch back up to the main manufacterers in terms of quality and popularity. Me included.

  10. We definitely need a follow-up vid with a 8* carbon head cranked down, swinging at full-speed and a proper shaft.

  11. Pete, appreciate you making this video, but can’t help but feel you didn’t take the training wheels off by not comparing against the big guys with a comparable setup.

    That said – excellent video yet again.


  12. Wilson should always be included as they appeal to a certain niche interested in bargain performance. Wilson has put out near top performing drivers in recent years, they only fell a little short at times (not always) on distance, appearance and sound according to some Reviewers.

  13. Love the honesty in your reviews. Again, another example of how manufacturers gig the consumers. The differences are slight, and you can save a lot of money……and even more getting the same club(s) in the used market.

  14. Glad you reviewed this! Definitely looking to get the carbon version and your review makes me want it more! Great review Pete!

  15. Really good review. Surprising results. One downside on the video, I found the font used for displaying the stats on both drivers hard to read. Only a small thing. Keep up the great work.

  16. Love the variety of videos coming out in 23. I used to have a Wilson FG Tour driver in the bag when they 1st came out, when it was 9 months old the hosel broke amd the head went flying further than the ball. No idiot marks on the crown or the soul of the club and Wilson refused to cover this by warranty. After that day I swore I would never, ever purchase another Wilson product no matter how good or cheap they were.

  17. Isn’t it funny how people just love an underdog even when it comes to equipment 😄 great review 👍

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