The MOST POPULAR driver in the world VS its replacement | PING G430 Full Review

I check the brand-new G430 driver against the iconic club it replaces: the legendary G425!

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The MOST POPULAR driver in the world VS its replacement | Full Review

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  1. I have forever been a Taylormade fan but the stealth 2 just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’m more concerned about forgiveness then carbon. If I had the money I would 100% be after a g425 or g430

    1. Yea I have the Taylormade Stealth and had the Sim2 but gotta say the Stealth 2 I just think is Meh, Ping doesn’t look like it’s doing
      much – ParaDym seems to be where it is at this year!

    2. @Teed_Up_Amateur Callaway have done it 2 years in a row with last years Rogue and then the Paradyme

    3. SASgolf recently did a video about some drivers at American Golf and the g425 was £200. (Was the same at my local AG) I think they may have been ex demo but still, very tempting. 👀

  2. based on the 425 max and 430 LST, there’s no need to buy the new one from your data Pete
    430 lst
    ball speed 170.5
    club head speed 120
    14.5 launch
    309 carry
    332 total

    425 MAX
    ball speed 171.3
    120 mph club speed
    spin 2175 rpm
    13.7 launch
    306.7 carry
    329.1 total

  3. Great review Peter, thanks for also showing the difference between the previous generation compared to the new one. Il be sticking with g425 there aren’t hundreds pounds worth of gains in any of these new drivers

  4. Another great review. Once again, this seems like more of a refinement from Ping rather than anything ground breaking.

  5. G425 just looks so much better imo. I thought I had to buy it when I first saw it and then used it and had to purchase it still! I hear a lot of pro’s saying that the sound isn’t great on the G425 but myself and everyone I play with always talk about how nice it sounds!

  6. Awesome review. My response to Ping not releasing a new driver last year was “good” I love my G425 Max. And I still feel it’s going to be difficult to unseat. It looks like there is not much gain here… But I’ll still go hit it.

  7. Not in the market as such as still getting ever improving results with my Sim. But if something truly game changing was out there then I’d be open. From the reviews I have seen, it seems that The Stealth2 and Aerojet at hard to get consistency with, the G430 seems to be a pimped up G425 so the Paradym would be the first I tried. Be really interested to see how the fairway woods for all these perform, hopefully that will be part of your ‘build a bad’ series?

  8. Got to borrow a G430 Max for a round. I did not hit one bad drive and missed only 1 fairway. Great review. You’re one of few reviewers who doesn’t always hit the newest model further every year.

  9. Great review video, Pete. The setup with the standardised shafts from the outset this year is really paying dividends in the comparable data table you’re building up and shown here. It gives as true an impression as possible outside of using a robot too! BTW, I really like the new energy coming into the videos recently. The pep is back in the step and bodes well for a great year of content to come.

  10. great video Peter, I have the PING g425 max, stiff shaft, and love it, however I tried the G400 SFT regular shaft and it carries further.

  11. Some feedback for the editors – the graphics that are ‘attached’ to a dynamic element of the video I.e. the club handle and move/jiggle around the screen is annoying – same thing happens in the Stealth2 video

    I think having static graphics would be better and easy to read as they stay on the screen and do not partially float off

  12. I’ve loved how the G425 looks and how is feels for a while, and finally gonna get one for next year, can’t wait!

  13. Love the review and appreciate you dropping all of the reviews on launches of these new models! It’s going to take a heck of a lot for me to replace my 425 max but its nice to know that Ping continues to kill it with consistency.

  14. I’m VERY excited for this release because that means I will be able to get a G425 for much cheaper now haha!

  15. If I notice that the sound is improved from the 425 I’m going to upgrade solely based on that. The g425 is my favorite driver I have ever played but the sound is almost unbearable. I have literally lost my hearing for a few seconds after hitting one toe side, but it still hit the fairway so can’t complain too much hahaha

  16. Great Review Pete, I appreciate how you’ve taken your time to compare and contrast with previous models as well as similar competitors. As someone who is analytical, keeping a constant loft and shaft for all your reviews shows you indeed give more indepth reviews compared to other YouTubers. Weldone and keep to good work. Looking forward to which of these would make your bag 🤔

    1. Congratulations 🎉
      You have been selected as winner of Cobra AeroJet Driver..
      Send me a message via the number so we can sort this out…

  17. Was always planning a new driver for this year. Update my ageing G410. But I’m not bowled over by the new plethora of option. May just get a G425 max and a top notch shaft fit from custom golf lab and still have penny’s in my pocket to keep the lights on to look at it.

  18. Great review as always. I liked the G425 max but my swing speed with the stealth was consistently 3mph faster every time I tested both. Ping heads are very heavy compared to the comp…is that still the case this year?

  19. Excellent review Pete! I was a little excited to see the new Ping G430. Your review has confirmed that I will be sticking with my G425 Max. Not enough gains to make me want to spend the money on a new driver. Not even the improved sound will make me switch!

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