We do an incredible review of three very video game improvement irons: the , Sub 70 699, and Eleven . You will be amazed at how simple these clubs are to hit, even for gamers of all skill levels. We'll give you an in-depth take a look at each club and its features, including their style and performance on the course. Whether you're a newbie wanting to enhance your video game or an experienced professional searching for a brand-new set of clubs, you will not wish to miss our review of these unbelievable irons. Watch now to see why the , Sub 70 699, and are a few of the best video on the marketplace today.

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  1. I’ve been using Cleveland Launcher HB irons for a few months now… got to say I love them, and I still play to 7-10. Plus the amusement of saying I’m hitting a hybrid… (for every shot) hasnt worn off yet.

  2. Hello from Utah in the states. While game improvement irons are awesome! I use them and love them actually. I’m a 7 handicap and am considering moving to a more workable blade iron. I’m using Mizuno jpx919, a great mid to low handicap forgiving iron.. I like to club down, flight balls down through wind or out of trouble as well as work the ball right to left or vice versa. What clubs do you recommend? I love pings, blueprint or one of the I series, I 59’s? Any others you recommend?

  3. Good stuff as usual. I’d love to see this test with an actual 15+ handicap golfer, your swing is good and you hit the center of the club FAR more than a 15 handicap.

  4. Peter, I am a Professional Clubfitter and I have built many sets of super-forgiving game improvement irons and β€œiron woods” or hybrid irons for many high-handicap golfers (including my wife), and every single one of these golfers has been extremely happy with the results. My wife has improved her game by nearly 20 strokes over 18 holes (from around 120 to 100 strokes or lower), and two of the other high-handicappers (or non-handicap golfers) have reported similar improvements.

    1. I play with a wider & more forgiving set. When do you feel a player should go to a more traditional style? What benefits are there to go away from a more forgiving set?

  5. Pete, surprised you didn’t include the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons which are generally considered one of best SGI sets around

  6. I’ve been using Wilson defy combo irons for three years now and will probably play with them for a long time. Suit my slower swing speed.

  7. Been playing Sub 70 699 Pro 2i and 4-PW for over a year and love them and the only regret is that I didn’t go for one of their smaller blades.

  8. Put the launch pads in after your video earlier this year. Typically 90-100, shot a personal best 85. I had a lot more confidence with the launch pads

  9. I have the Wilson LP 1’s and I love them! I’m an 11 handicap and these have helped inspire confidence in me. I’ve had them for 2 years and I don’t envision getting anything else anytime soon. My favorite is the PW! So easy to hit and chipping around the green is like cheating. I’ve recommended the LP’s to others as well! I love Wilson though. I have the D7 driver, 3 wood, and 3 hybrid as well! Also a wilson 60 degree and putter lol

    1. Glad to read that. I have a set of Ben Hogan’s from about 20 years ago and have been eyeing the LPs for a few months now. I play to a 9 handicap and am hoping they are a bit more forgiving than what I am currently using. How do you like your driver? My miss is a hook so trying to find a new driver that compensates without paying $700 lol.

  10. I’d be more interested in height and landing angle. These clubs were meant for high handicapper and seniors. These golfers have long clubs into greens and therefore need stopping power and a high spinning golf ball such as kirkland 2.0.

  11. I’ve been using the Sub 70, 799 irons for the last year. Yes, they are ugly but they work so well that no matter what other irons I try these are the very best do me. I cannot be more pleased as well with the service that you get with Sub 70, they really are so much better than the big boys!😊

  12. My friends dad who plays with us often uses the Sub70 799’s. He’s just played the 2 best rounds of his life recently.

    The Eleven Hybrids have a VERY similar appearance to the Adams Idea A12OS hybrids.

  13. Got the launch pad 2 earlier this year and after struggling for a few years I’m finally back down to single figures, absolutely love them.

  14. I tried the Sub70 799 when i went to their Hereford HQ for my fitting, i came away with the 690 Pro irons which i like, but was pleasantly surpised by how good the 790s were to play, )I asked to give them a go just out of curiosity) and how good they felt and sounded in all the ways you mentioned.
    They were unbelievably ugly, not because of their size, or the big back end, but the weird cavity they have included. I do however like the all over brushed steel finish. I would have maybe considered adding a 4, 3 or 2 iron to my set as a combo, but i think they only make them u to a 5 iron. (I also saw some of the Eleven hybrid sets there, but i didn’t try them)

  15. I stayed playing golf again in June of this year, I bought a second hand set of Adams idea hybrid irons. I have played fairly well with them, and have been considering purchasing a new set of Wilson LP for a while, now I have two other sets to consider 🀣.
    Great content as usual.

  16. Would love to see you play nine holes with your standard irons, and also with the launch pads, to find out if elite players could benefit from super playable clubs 😎

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