The BEST NEW IRONS For Mid Handicap Golfers!

In this video we take a look at some of the very best new irons that are available for mid handicap enthusiasts on the marketplace today focusing on Titleist, TaylorMade and a surpise bundle in PXG! Thanks for viewing! Ensure to have a look at …

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The BEST NEW IRONS For Mid Handicap Golfers!

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  1. Great job Peter! I’m a 10 handicap, been playing an old set of Ping S55s for a while now, but my new fitted T100s should be here today! I tried the T200 and just didn’t like the inconsistent distance. Every once in a while I’d nuke one 20+ yards longer, while the T100 were bang on every time. Still it’s a great video, thanks!

  2. Currently an 8. Rocking Mizuno MP-60 Muscle Cut irons now. Sometime with the next 6 months will be looking at these sets youโ€™ve described. Already on the list.

  3. Hi Pete, Iโ€™m a 66 year young woman, and play the PXG gen5 0311P irons, recently had my best round with them of 87, Iโ€™m a 20.5 handicapper. Absolutely love em.

  4. Pete, love your content.
    I’ve played more golf this year than i have in the past 5 years combined… I finally got myself into a Mizuno set. 919 hot metal. I was using a taylormade burner set prior. 90 is the best i shot this year and i hope to hit mid 80’s next season. Best of luck with the channel. Looking forward to future vids.

  5. I’m playing off a 14.5, playing the Cobra King Forged Tecs with graphite shafts. Absolutely love them. Buttery when struck well, a little shock when they aren’t, but still really forgiving

  6. I am playing Cobra t-rail hybrid irons (as I was a 30+ handicap about a year ago), but am now down to a 16.1 and have definitely been eyeing all three of these sets as a possible upgrade. I may wait another year though since I still mis-hit more than my fair share of iron shots and I like the forgiveness I get when I thin or hit one out of the toe.

  7. I am between 11 and 13.5 very up and down with this hcp system. I have just bought the Wilson D9 forged irons with a stiff 105 dynamic gold shafts as they suited me best.

  8. Playing the TM P770โ€™s. Love them as can move the ball again. Played off 5 and below for over 40 years ๐Ÿ˜Š Can shoot anything from under to 12 over. Lack the time to keep my consistency .

  9. I’m a 12 handicapper that fluctuates between rounds of 79 and 89. Im currently playing the previous generation P-790 irons and love them although I’m a huge fan of PXG. Have the PXG driver and would seriously consider comparing either the 0311 or 0317 irons for my next set.

  10. I’m playing off 15, and I’ve got 4i to gap wedge in i230. I’ve heard a lot of people say that doesn’t make sense, but I love the way they look, feel and perform for me.

  11. I was off 13.4 a few months ago.
    Got fitted for the p790s
    As they were the best feeling.
    Iv dropped 2 shots in the last 2 weeks as iv finally got used to them.
    3 rounds in a row under 80.
    They are amazing and I couldn’t recommend enough.

  12. Hi Pete.
    I’m a 6.2 handicap and I’ve had my new Titleist T200 Irons for a good few weeks now. They look absolutely awesome, and the performance and feel are unreal. I did try the P790 when I was fitted but preferred the look feel and performance of the Titleist.

  13. Hi Pete , Currently playing at 10,7 and got there with Wilson D9 Irons . This Autumn also got the new Dynapower Carbon driver and metal wood # 3 . It has made a difference. Thanks for another great video .

  14. I play around a 10-12 handicap and Iโ€™m gaming the X2 Hot Pro irons from 2014. I am always tempted to upgrade, but they are very forgiving and still have all the โ€œplayerโ€ attributes that im seeing in modern day sets. Smaller blade length, minimal offset, weight bar and support behind the sweet spot. I donโ€™t play enough to warrant an $800+ purchase and they give me everything Iโ€™d need from an iron

  15. I have a set of the 2021 P790s but when I was getting fit for the them I almost went with the 0311P’s instead (can’t remember what Gen they were). I’m sure the newer 790s and 0311s are fantastic. I feel both can be used by such a wide range of golfers. I’ve been able to play them as a high handicapper and still love them as I get closer to being a mid handicapper.

  16. Using Cobra Radspeed game improvement irons. Got them late last year when I was a 25ish handicap. Now I currently sit at +14.2 handicap and looking at the T200’s for next season. Love the videos Pete!

  17. I’m a +1.3, playing Srixon ZX4’s, considered game improvement but I think anyone can use them no matter what your handicap is. .I like the gray matte finish, very easy to hit, why work hard when you don’t have to.

  18. I have to play a forged muscle back. I’m currently playing the Haywood MB that are not only good looking, they really feel amazing. When you put a proper swing in them it is so rewarding and you know your ball went where you intended.

  19. I am a currently an 11.5 handicap and last season played the P790’s when I was at a 14.2 handicap. It was suggested that I check out the Titleist T200’s and haven’t regretted my decision to make that change this season. I have found significant consistency in yardage and accuracy, which has allowed me to lower my handicap this season. I have absolutely LOVED the irons!! By far the best decision I have ever made for my golf game!! With all this said I can’t suggest enough to know your game and how you play. Then relay that information to fitter to get an accurate fitting.

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