Massive thank you to for having us down to the best day of the year and the most significant pro remain in the world!! was spectacular and it was amazing to satisfy numerous of you. Thank you all for seeing our videos

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  1. While I know you have enough golf stuff, that was pure robbery! You earned the recognition of that drive.

  2. You should have won the longest drive!!! What the heck are they playing at? Great content! You were robbed Peter!

  3. Absolute worldy of a 4 ball, great content. Hilariously robbed of a bombed long drive (who is Jack Kenny anyway) and finished of with summary of the day from Pete after a few sherbets. Great stuff.

  4. Hi Peter and team, loved the video and just like to say, what an excellent production with great editing. Thanks Graham

  5. What a great video! So well edited. I smiled all the way through, gasped at the missed puts and was suitably horrified at the miscarriage of justice at the end. 👏

  6. Well done Peter, not easy, those putts on 14 summed up your teams day, shame about the bomb not being recognised.

  7. Hi Pete
    I was there on the day and followed you round with my son and grandson. Just like to say thanks for signing my grandson’s cap . I’ve been going to Wentworth every year since the 90’s , I’ve been lucky enough to play the west course four times ,the old and new , once with Bernard Gallagher for 6 holes . Amazing experience. Hope to see you next year. 👍

  8. Great content, and this so a gem to watch. Sad you were robbed of your long drive, that was much deserved mate. PFG LETS GO!!!!!!!!!! Shout out to Mick for helping with the rolly ones… and nicely done on the camera work.

  9. Fantastic video again, looked like you and the team had a great day. I know it’s a fun golf day but honour where honour is due you were robbed regarding the longest drive prize. I know there is no pictures on a score card but there is a video of you doing it!!

  10. Great to meet you Mr Finch. My lad was made up at meeting you and getting a selfie with you. Bad luck on the longest drive. We all know you won it sir. Keep up the great work with your crew.

  11. The balls on Mac to aim at the crowd for every single shot hahaha and hit full power ☠ Great round and great video Pete!

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