Should You Choose Hybrid vs Fairway Wood vs Driving Iron? (Build My Bag)

Having a hard time to select between fairway wood vs hybrid vs driving iron? In this video, I choose in between the very best clubs to plug the space in the top of my bag, and provide my top on how you can do the exact same!

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Should You Choose Hybrid vs Fairway Wood vs Driving Iron? (Build My Bag)

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  1. This is why I carry 15 clubs in my bag – carry a mini driver, 5 wood and a driving iron between the Driver and 4 iron. Depending how I’m hitting in the range and also the weather/course condition, I would use a honor system in disqualify one of the club for the round. My logic is that if pros can bring 15-20 clubs before a tournament to test, us weekend warriors can put an extra club in the bag and decide the 1 that we won’t be using.

    1. I like your planning, could do with throwing a few extras into the mix and depending on wind etc pick and choose. Cheers for the obvious (shameful I never thought of it though) 👍

    2. I mean come on, you got 14 clubs already… seriously the scoring difference between 7 half sets and 14 club bags is already minimal with amateurs..

  2. Great video. At the club I work at, our Head Pro is staffed with TaylorMade. We hit his hybrid about 15 times when he first got it and the face has already cracked. They did make it a thinner face so I could see this happening a lot this year.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I struggle with that section of the bag too, and it’s such a massive gap. Also, I just enjoyed the fact that I’m not the only one that (over)thinks these decisions. Thx Pete!😅

  4. I still play weaker lofted irons, 3-pw, aw, sw. Then a 3w, and 5w. Perfect yardage gaps between them all. The strengthening of iron lofts is ultimately what has caused this weird gap between 3w, and 5 iron. Basically a sales gimmick, in my opinion.

  5. I just got the Icrossover and it’s probably my new favorite club in the bag. Very consistent 250 off the tee and super easy off the fairway

  6. I play the Srixon ZX 2 iron and I LOVE it! Way more consistent than my driver off the tee, and honestly doesn’t lose much distance from driver with how hot it is. I don’t feel like it’s particularly hard to hit off the tee and I’m not an amazing golfer by any means (typically shoot high 80s or low 90s). I will admit it is tough off the deck though

  7. I have a major struggle here as well, I love my 2 iron off the tee, but love the ability of my 7 wood to hit and hold greens with its ball flight and easy ability to hit off the deck. I pretty much play both and decide before the round which one to play based on weather conditions and course layout

  8. Awesome video! I’ve always preferred long irons/utility irons, but need to seriously think about a 7-wood for forgiveness and height.

    1. Me too! I mean, I don’t think workability is as important when you are trying to hit more than 220 yd.

  9. 18 degree hybrid for me, I like the versatility in between the 3 wood and 4 iron for lots of different lies and weird scenarios

  10. Nice presentation 🙂 I have a 7w which I like very much, and I have a 3h which I also like. I can’t decide between them, so I switch every other week or so. I always enjoy your content, thank you!

  11. I have a SIM2 hybrid. Was my favourite club when I first bought my set, even used it off the tee as my driver was hopeless. Took some driver lessons and all of a sudden I can no longer hit my hybrid… just wish I had a 7 wood now as everyone seems to rave about them being easy to hit

  12. I went 5-wood to fill the gap between 3-wood and 4-iron. I wanted something I could hit out of rough, give some height on ball flight, and simply give me confidence behind the ball.

    I’ve always strayed away from hybrids. Never liked the look behind the ball. But this year I plan to give them a shot. Mostly to give myself the option to swap out the 5-wood depending on the course.

    Great video Pete!

  13. Always a relevant question – thanks Pete … now admittedly I do all three – 4 iron (21’) setup with driving iron shaft, 3 hybrid (19’ but 2 inch longer shaft) 4 wood (16.5’ and again a longer shaft) and then Driver – nice to have the options of all three lofts, lengths and soles

  14. I have a callaway apex 2 hybrid i just love. Its a small head and have a more iron feel to it so it suits my game. I tried a utility iron, works great of the tee but harder from the fairway.

  15. I use the Titleist u505 utility iron, it’s a hybrid and driving iron in one club. Goes as high as a hybrid and low as a driving iron when you want it to. Super easy to hit too!

  16. Great video again and thought provoking . I have the ping driving 3 iron love it off tee but struggle at times from fairway like you said heel or toe strikes severely penalised . For me a good hit is about 220 but drops to 170 if mis hit .. I’ve just ordered a tsr 2 18 degree hybrid ,tried it out at my local club and its very powerful , might need to fine tune it maybe flat lie at 19 the beauty is I can okay around with loft and lie with it . I also have the tsr 2 driver which is the best driver I’ve ever owned

  17. I had a great relationship with my 4-iron. Had is the keyword. I’m just now beginning with the idea of replacing it. The 7-wood is a top contender as well as the driving iron. Great video!

  18. I’ve had the Srixon U65 3 iron in my bag for a few years now. 20 degrees of loft and is very very nice to hit.

  19. Struggled with this for years and I ultimately went with the Taylormade Stealth 3 DHY. It gives options for different flights and it’s forgiving

  20. Great content Pete tricky part of the bag for sure and went through exactly this last year. Took out 4 iron and have 2 spots between 4w and 5 iron – rotate a 7wood, 4 hybrid and Adams 18 Dhy. Links drop the 7 wood. Winter golf drop the Dhy. Firm & fast summer conditions drop the 4hy.

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