She called it, SHE HOLED IT!!! Peter Finch vs Liv Cooke | THE BEST GOLFER on YOUTUBE | Match 2

In this match, Liv Cooke took on versus Peter Finch in this Finest Player On YouTube Match.
View as the two play Al Hamra Course and see who comes out on top.

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She called it, SHE HOLED IT!!! | THE | Match 2

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  1. Just finished watching Lydia win at Aramco, now I get to see two of my favorite YT golfers. Thanks for the series Peter, and thanks to your hardworking team.

  2. You should play James Wiltshire/others too. He’s a decent golfer that aspires to win as a pro. Would bring your competitive juices up. I think that would mix it up a bit too as the golf youtuber pool is getting pretty shallow these days. It’s almost “commercialized” at this point. But with that said, I do appreciate your content more than the others…

  3. Pete, I’m loving this series. I hope to see Tubes in this series as well.
    As always it’s a joy to see the lovely Liv Cooke on your channel. Such a fun personality she has. The 2 of you always gel well in your vids!!!

  4. Pete you should definitely play James Wiltshire in this series, he’ll be a tough opponent and great match

  5. Liv is one of the most delightful guests you have on and her banter is underrated. I’d say she rivals #MattFyrerGolf with comedic energy.

  6. What a fun vid. Liv is such a cheeky cutie! And a bloody good golfer. I love this series Pete. Great stuff mate!

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