REVEALING Whats in my TOUR BAG | Korn Ferry Tour Player

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REVEALING Whats in my TOUR BAG | Korn Ferry Tour Player

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    1. @Luke Kwon Golf I try to make it to the Albertson’s Boise open on the Korn Ferry tour every year. I’m hoping to see you there come July 2021!

  1. Just out of curiosity what settings did they have you at in the regular mavrik head; was it 9 degree head turned up?

  2. Luke, dropping this video made me feel so much like a kid at Christmas that I put up my freakin’ tree.

  3. Keep grinding, one day the universe will throw you a bone and you’ll run with it. Added another 1k shares to the Luke Kwon golf ETF

  4. What does the single diamond on that Mavrik SZ head mean? I’ve seen the triple diamond but never the single. Thanks!

  5. I like the tripod. I’ve used the alignment stick attachment, but the stand looks like something I can use. The sun sleeves are looking like they’re worth a shot. I’m out in the Hi-Desert in California (but currently deployed) so I understand the struggle.

    1. Yeah the alignment stick thing just doesnt work if it gets even a little bit windy lol. I use the sun sleeves so much now, wish I knew about them earlier 😂

  6. Are the yardage books that well marked with slope or would it be beneficial to have a slope range finder for practice rounds

    1. Theyre usually pretty good but not always so alot of us have slope range finders on practice rounds to dial in the numbers

  7. Single diamond is the lowest spinning of the mavrik heads. That thing is a little bowling ball. Great driver if you want to play a little more loft and it really decouples spin from loft well and can work with aa ton of shafts. You should check out Fujikura Ventus with the new epic speed, it’s got a similar feel to what you are playing now but a little tighter dispersion.

  8. We appreciate you making this video, especially considering your thoughts on witb vids. 😁

  9. Hey Luke! Question for ya. Why do pro golfers on tour not you range finders? I know as a junior golfer that you can’t have range finders with slope in tournament play, but why take the chance of getting a number wrong? Hope you have a great rest of the season! 👊

    1. @Luke Kwon Golf On any of the pro tours (PGA, Euro PGA, etc.) are they allowed? Also college are they allowed? And if not, is there a reason? And do you think allowing range finders would speed up play?

  10. Love watching pros honestly talk about their bags with no marketing gimmicks.

    Amateur who shoots 90s: I have matrix Ozik shafts hand crafted that are 102.7 grams, pured, spine aligned, and blessed by a Buddhist monk.

    Pro: idk what shaft this is but it makes ball go high so I like.

    1. 😂😂 yeah the way I see it is its not my job to know how or why the equipment works. Its my job to play good golf, leave the technical equipment stuff to the fitters

  11. I just found your channel this morning and I’m really enjoying your content both on and off the course. Very refreshing to see a player so honest about their journey and I appreciate you giving us a glimpse into your head. Fellow Dallasite here (Frisco to be exact) and I can’t wait to watch your future unfold. If you’re ever out practicing and need a playing marker, I’m your guy.

  12. Thought I was the only one who used the tank putters! I got the odyssey o works 1 tank. Love your videos man. Very inspirational. Your super down to earth. I’ve been wanting to take the same path you did with your golf career but haven’t took that step yet. I appreciate your videos taking about how you got there!

    1. Love the tank putter! Its gonna be really hard for me to switch away from this thing. Appreciate that dustin!

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