Pro Golfer Breaks Down BEST/WORST Golf Gifts (For Christmas!)

professional breaks down the very best presents you can present this Christmas!

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Pro Golfer Breaks Down BEST/WORST (For Christmas!)

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  1. Iron covers can be handy to prevent your irons banging against each other and against the hybrids/woods in your bag when carrying the bag on your back.

    1. I got bought the toilet putter for Father’s Day. I don’t use it in the bog, but I took it into the office. If someone asks me for a favour, I get them to putt from 3 yards and if they sink 2 out of 3 then I’ll help them. 🙂

    2. Did you know they sell plastic wrap for your couch? It’s totally awesome, keeps everything off it.

  2. Vouchers, as lame as they may seem on first thought, are excellent gifts. My wife loves getting them and so do I. You’re right, golfers are extremely picky about all of their gear and accessories. I stay out of trouble when I get vouchers for my wife or our two sons who golf.

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  3. Great video Pete.
    I sorted my son out with a personalised Towel and Cap using a local embroidery company 👌

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  4. I’m a huge fan (even outside of the realm of golf) of giving gifts that are experience-driven and memory-making. I just feel like they’re vastly superior to things that will go on a shelf and collect dust, or at the very least take up space and require storage. That’s why I love giving food as gifts too; it can be enjoyed and then it’s not cluttering up your life forevermore. Time is your most precious possession and you can never get it back, memories occupy no shelf space but they’re worth more than any material possession.

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    1. 👆⬆️Congratulations 🎁 👆Text me to receive prizes💝Thanks for watching🤝

  5. Could not stop laughing at the last gift mentioned on there. Absolutely agree with your assessment of gifts list. New to the channel so watching back all of your previous videos and smashing the like button – can’t believe you’ve not got at least a million subs yet. Live streams where the audience can chat to you about all things golf would be the awesome .

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  6. The potty putting game has been making the rounds in our extended family’s white elephant Christmas for years and nobody that gets stuck with it has ever opened it and just re-wraps it for the next year. We try to hide it in different boxes so nobody knows what it is. I currently have it and it’s wrapped up to get rid of it this year. 😂

    1. Then it’s actually funny. And by now whoever initially bought it will understand it’s fit only for the crapper.

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  7. I specifically asked for iron covers specifically to keep my irons from dinging my driver, fairways, hybrid and putter. They work as expected and keep my clubs looking better. But again, I specifically asked for them.

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  8. Two of the best golf gifts I ever received was a cart cover (for keeping warm when golfing in cold weather) and a push cart (I chose the specific one I wanted).

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  9. The only question: does the URO Club count towards your maximum? Which club will you sacrifice for it? And can you use it, empty and full, to play?

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    1. 👆⬆️Congratulations 👆🎁👆Text me to receive prizes💝Thanks for watching🤝

  10. Hi Pete, even though you showed iron covers (no thanks) I was surprised you didn’t mention Driver/Fairway/Hybrid covers.
    Best gift for me were custom made headcovers from Glam Golf in Sheffield. Whilst I can’t send you a picture you can imagine a Driver headcover with an image of from Scarface and the words ” Say Hello to my Little Friend “. Priceless.

  11. Last Xmas I got golf shoes, vouchers for lessons with my usual golf pro and finally a voucher for my club’s golf pro shop. I didn’t stop smiling for days.
    The rumour mill suggests I’ll get a repeat this year; I’m starting to smile already….

  12. If you want a great all around golf bag, go for a Big Max. Good quality and the stand bags have a notch in the base to allow them to sit on most trollies without it twisting or the stand mechanism getting in the way.

  13. Can you do a comparison between the GC quad and the R10. It would be interesting to see how the R10 compares seeing it is a fraction of the price

  14. ones of those sets of clubs behind you will do for my present Pete, you know you don’t need all of them. a nice forgiving set as i am needing a decent easy playing set as i am a complete novice.
    love the content , cheers.

  15. When I was younger, I got my dad the ball finding glasses. Now, I know they’re real bad, and that was a slap in the face gift.

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