Play a par 5 with 100 YEAR OLD Golf Clubs 😍πŸͺ΅ #golfshorts #lovegolf #hickoryclubs #shorts

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Play a par 5 with 100 YEAR OLD Clubs 😍πŸͺ΅ #golfshorts #lovegolf #hickoryclubs #shorts

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  1. Pete, please don’t stoop to the automated voice over. You have one of the best on camera personalities I’ve ever seen! I’ll keep watching anyway, but keep being you is what makes your channel stand out!

    1. His sense of humor, mimics its just amazing…i like Ricky, Matt, GoodGood but noone is nowhere near fun to watch..

  2. Pete, i watched this video before buying my first set (i was prepared to spend €3000) but after viewing it, i spent €800 on a set of pings, 5w, driver, putter because it made me aware i better spend money on lessons….i coundnt hit ball straight and in air so i was 100% ohhh it is clubs but when i saw it i KNEW it was me 😁 so after 3 months of golfing i hit nice and relatively long draws with my “cheaper club selection” and lots of training..

    I am also happy i ‘ve seen it because i just wasn’t aware how expensive golf can be without even buying amy clubs. Its the end of the season (courses and ranges are closed in Slovenia) so we will see what to do next year, of course i wish top notch irons, woods and especially wedges (Phil Mickelson ones), good putter but still, i know its not the first thing to think about in March, April…

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