I take on Ruben Lindsay in a 9 hole showdown! In "video 5" of my A Fairway Down series, I handle a U.S. college enthusiast in an impressive rematch. A huge thanks to Scottish for assisting put this match together, with Ruben a member of their Performance squad, and also Dundonald Links for hosting us! #AFairwayDown

Please support our objective of raising ₤ 10,000 for the British Heart Structure:

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  1. Thanks for watching 🙏 Big shout out to Scottish Golf for helping put this match together, with Ruben a member of their Performance squad! Please support our goal of raising £10,000 for the British Heart Foundation:

    1. thanks for all the content and consistently trying to be the nicest peter finch you can be ,,,,and succeeding ….lvoe ur work ….also please dont forget to post the video from the shotscope series with matt ….he mentioned it in his final one from that series and i dont think i missed it on yours so hopefully looking forward to it in september while u are all having a well deserved break 🙂

  2. Pete bravely soldiering on as the body and mind break down and he loses the ability to count 😉 Great video series – well done to all.

  3. Far too hard on yourself during this series Pete, you’re doing well considering all the cycling and those clubs 😂 Was great meeting you and the crew on the day, keep it up

  4. Hey you guys……. Here again….. goooooooo Pete. Booking a day off to caddy and buy beers when I see when you get here mate!!!!

    Guys are doing awesome!!!. loving the content….. the team work(behind the scenes are really gripping as to how close you guys are)…… and seeing how many people are coming to support you

    Again…. Truly amazing job……… I owe you a pint sir😂…..

    Don’t lose Pete again guys….. I’m warning you😂😂

  5. Pete always seems to make already hard challenges so much harder. This would have been extremely hard to begin with using his own clubs. But using random donations makes it almost impossible lol.
    Also, what happened to the driver? Did I miss something?

  6. Great video as usual. Ruben is a natural at youtube and even though there was some dodgy moments that 440 yard drive was something else.

    1. @Peter Finch Golfthe flight attendant said to the passengers and on your left is a crushed Pro V1😂

  7. Really have to commend you and the lads, not only on the challenge but for the sheer amount of quality content outputted (no pun intended) since it began! Been loving every second

  8. What a great bloke Ruben seems here, and what a cannon he has with that driver!! Great vid as always Pete!

  9. Loved being there to watch first hand what you are going through, genuine nice guy as are the camera guys. Enjoy the rest of your journey, its for a great cause!

  10. Where you going in the list of England??? My boss will hate it but ima coming lads….. you’ve all been absolutely amazing….. what a journey !!!!

    Massive respect guys……… what your doing is amazing

    As Pete says….. subscribe and like……….. dude is killing it lol

  11. Loving this series!!! I am glad to have seen some irons that someone gave for you to use. Plus did I spot a new putter??? Amazing job to the crew for getting the vlogs out. Now to the cycling. I hope you are trying the pickle juice after each ride…trust me it helps getting the electrolytes back into your system quickly. Now for the shoe stank…lemon juice when they are wet. The acid kills off the bacteria and it has a pleasant scent. If they are not wet, gold bond powder works amazingly well.

  12. Yet again absolutely brilliant! Congrats on the 8.5k.. I’m sure it’ll be 40-50k easily by the time you hit Cornwall. Keep on riding Mr Finch 👍👏

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