MY NEW HANDCRAFTED IRONS!!! (bespoke Japanese blades)

I select my NEW irons, choosing from a few of the very best Japanese blades, including brands such as , , and .

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MY NEW HANDCRAFTED IRONS!!! (bespoke Japanese blades)

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  1. I got pretty excited when you mentioned this on the Rough Cut Podcast. I’ve been building up my own small collection of older (read cheaper) JDM clubs this past year. Have fallen in love with soft Japanese forgings, and researching all the different brands is a lot of fun.

    1. And to answer the question, I would do a combo set of #10 and #11. Love the clean look, and I love the hammered finish on the MB portion of the head.

  2. They are all beautiful. I personally would not choose a set that looks like something that looks like a top commercial offering like a Titleist or Mizuno. I really like the dark copper Itobori’s. I mean go big or go home right?

  3. You absolutely picked the right ones! Those are a work of art. Don’t hide them with head covers 🤣🤣

  4. What amazing set of irons. Look and sound fantastic. Great video. These irons are my wish list now!!

  5. Loved this video! I’m usually a bit of a snob and only really go for commercialised brands from ones used on tour, but some of those irons have to be the most aesthetically pleasing irons I’ve ever seen! So unique!
    Out of the three, 100% Itobori for me!

    1. I have always been a Titleist everything guy, but once I got fitted for Miura, I honestly do t think I could ever hit any other irons. Not I have two set of cb-301 (1 qpq) and ready to order the cb-30. 🤣

    2. You should not only look at but also try those JDM forged irons, and you’ll very quickly forget about the “played on tour” snobbery for the more delightful “absolutely unknown to all but the most purists of purists” snobbery 🤣

  6. They all look incredible! You made the right choice 👌🏻 look forward to seeing your first round with them 🏌🏻‍♂️🔥🇯🇵

  7. There’s only one alternative to head covers to protect such a work of art. 8 different bags and a person per bag to carry them. 7 bags for the irons, 1 per iron, 8th bag for driver, 3 wood, putter etc. job done

    1. 🎊🆙🏆🎁❤️ you have been selected randomly

  8. Super cool irons. Love the demo ones you hit.
    To me my choice would have been the Makino 88 b2. The little muscle back looked so nice.

  9. I’m so happy you chose the more outlandish ones! the other ones are drop dead gorgeous, but once in a lifetime clubs, you need to be bold

  10. Look fantastic Pete… I’d be tempted to put covers on them cause I’d want them to last 50 years 😂

    But also tempted to leave them uncovered cause they’re beautiful.

    Guess the old saying “ships are safe in the harbour but that’s not what ships are made for” means something here.
    Those irons are made to be shown!

  11. can’t stop going back on the video and looking at all of the ‘iron art’, absolutely astonishing. WOW WOW , no words to describe, I want them ALL

  12. I love my Miura blades, but the Itobori irons are on my dream iron list. I love the different design and the amazing finishes, this was a great video

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