My MOST Recommended Driver of 2023 (SUPER FORGIVING!)

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My MOST Recommended Driver of 2023 (SUPER FORGIVING!)

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  1. I just can’t justify spending the amount of money they’re asking. I get that there’s a lot of tech etc but it’s getting a bit ridiculous with the pricing of clubs.

    1. @badbilly429 but can you stand the loud noise coming from the driver it don’t bother me I used to play with the Nike sumo2 5900 driver and that thing is louder then the 425 max

    2. If you don’t mind waiting, you should be able to get the paradym on callaway preowned as “like new”(which is usually brand new) around September/October. They will be much cheaper.

      You can also wait until golf shops put their demos out for sale. These are much better shape wise than used because they’ve only been used for fitting in the golf store. This is what I did for my rogue st max

      Last option is eBay. You can usually find heads that have barely been used for a decent discount, and you may even be able to bid on new heads and get it under msrp

    3. @Green & Gold 🔰 100% agree. Shaft should be priority for anyone looking to improve their driver. I just went for a shaft fitting and ended up with a Ventus Blue TR and I am absolutely stunned at the difference it makes. Brought spin down on everything including mishits on the heel, I am hitting center face wayyy more now than before, and it just feels fantastic.

    4. @jayfron yeah but you won’t get the warranty though it wouldn’t be wise to wait until the new drivers become used and the price goes down there will be no warranty

  2. I feel if someone has a driver from last 3-5 years they shouldn’t upgrade.. go to pro shop maybe get a different shaft or lead tape and dial your driver in. So many golfers just buy new clubs every year or every 2 … just a waste could be buying lessons, balls better courses ect

  3. I got fit into the Ping G430 SFT driver, G430 Max fairway, G430 hybrid, and G430 irons! Everything is a slight draw! Did I mention I just turned 70? They were a birthday present, I just received them but have to wait about a month to hit them. I hate winter!!!!

  4. I can’t imagine using a draw bias driver. I’d be hitting it so far left I’d need to hit my 2nd shot from 2 fairways over.

  5. Well done, again. Thanks for always doing these in such a well-thought-out way. I appreciate it, especially when you consider the insane cost of these clubs.

  6. I so want the paradym x but cannot justify paying out that much. I loved it when I tested it out recently

  7. I put together a paradym x with a senior shaft in the shop I work in and just could not miss the fairway 😂 I was swinging at 117mph and it was honestly just so easy, I’ve seen it perform very well in my fittings as well, would highly recommend 👌

    1. @HunterM925 that’s the usual ball speed with it during fittings for sure 😂 was hitting 168/169 myself with like 3500 spin but it was fairway every time

  8. After all this testing you recommend the actual most forgiving anti-slice driver at 10:50, the Ping G430 LST 😂

    1. @Brian Whelan yea I know, just a slip cause we all know peter loves his low spin bombers

  9. Great video Pete , I’ve had the dreaded slice since time began and currently have the Ping G425 sft version but since I’ve had a few lessons with a golf pro I’m now hitting a nice draw and have changed to the Ping 430 max so I can swap things up as my bad shot now Is a duck hook left if I don’t follow my drill and routine since fixing my slice 👍🏻⛳️

  10. Hi guys 👋 Quick note to say I meant to say “SFT” not “LST” at the end and in the graphic – it’s the SFT that I tested in this video (just a little mistake!)

    1. I did catch that. You’re forgiven, Mr. Finch. 😄 Thanks for providing such fun content. Am absolutely loving the Pete v Pro stuff.

    2. Just after the boys were bragging about all the thorough editing that goes on before a video is released 😂 great video and great podcast Pete, You’re the man! P.s challenge Fat Perez.

  11. “The Cobra it feels strong. The Ping it feels easy. The Callaway is both of those rolled into one.” I got flashbacks of Jeremy Clarkson for a moment 😂

  12. Great review, love how you knocked your swing speed down to match more what the golfers who will be looking at these models will see

  13. So I just bought the Ping G430. I’ve been golfing for 1 year and struggle with a bad slice. But since buying this driver it has absolutely saved me so many times. I went from shooting around a 105 to shooting a 91 today. Definitely works!

  14. Ive moved from a low spin driver to a more forgiving driver and whilst my top end has slightly dropped the low end has jumped up showing a average of distance gained. I think a well set up forgiving head is the way to go.

  15. i have to agree. tried both the lst and paradym td as my top two. really liked the paradym, but the lst just couldn’t miss. lost about 4-5 yds on average, but my dispersion was terrific

  16. I really am baffled by the paradym love. It was definitely my least favorite and my whole group hated it TSR and Ping were the winners for us.

    However, none of us leaned draw biased, so who knows. TSR 3, then Ping G430 LST blew the comp away for me.

  17. I really like how you slowed your swing down a little to give a more accurate representation of an average mortal as well. Great video mate, thanks.

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