I play my first round of 2023, teeing it up at Al Hamra Club, Ras Al-Khaimah! While I do my finest to shoot level par, I look back through my statistics from in 2015 to see what I can improve in 2023. A huge thanks to partners of the Shot Scope for supporting this vid. For more details on utilizing Shot Scope tech to improve your ratings, check them out here:

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  1. The tone of your intro was exactly how I felt before teeing off for the first time this year. But, lo and behold, I’m still terrible

    1. Same, only issue is it lasts till I position myself on the first tee and end up either slicing one way right or topping the hell out of it. Saying that, the round then follows with multiple bogeys, doubles and in some cases quadruples, but then, a par or a birdie comes along and I’m giving it the biggun like a prime Tiger.

      Golf, nothing quite like it

  2. Really nice Mr. Finch. It would though be awesome with 4K resolution. It is really good as a viewer to actually be able to see the ball flight on several strokes.

  3. Pretty pretty good round Pete. One thing I was thinking watching it and other rounds played in the Gulf States is who the heck is living in all that expensive housing in those countries?? WTF!

  4. Great content nice to see Mr Carters lessons worked !! Ha ha 😂 can’t wait to see you take on Carter and Rick

  5. I, too, want to fall in love, again, with the game of Golf ⛳️ ❤️

  6. These are the type of videos I love to see. So many of the golftubers are doing like 20 person collabes and club deals, etc. It’s great to see the golftubers’ success and I want all of them to be successful, but I also like to see some good old rounds of golf sometimes. Just the creator and the fans enjoying a round of golf together. Well done sir. Small thing I noticed is that the graphic says bogey on hole 11 but you had a par.

  7. Love the more detailed information when showing the score on each hole and how in-depth you are comparing them to last year. Hope this continues!

  8. Good to see you back out on the course and hacking around like the rest of us 😂 albeit scratch handicapper hacking

  9. “GIVE ME THE MANGOS!” I love these videos. Your approach is so different for some reason, you look and sound a lot more relaxed. It’s almost like you’re enjoying the game again🤣 Great vlog and some really nice editing too……

  10. Know how you feel Pete, I’m a plus 4 handicap. I can’t be bothered with competition or scores, I just play to hit good shots and chase birdies, it’s much more fun

  11. Great video! I like the Grant/Micah approach emplaning each shot. More playing videos like this would certainly be good for your channel.

  12. Excellent vlog Pete. Nicely filmed and edited capturing (for the most part) some very solid play. Great start to the UAE series and look forward to the rest of your content 👏

  13. Brilliant video and brilliant content. Not just an 18 hole vlog, but also an insight into how you analyse the round. What Shot Scope watch/tags do you use? I’ve seen a few variants

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