My BEST GOLF of the year! Peter Finch vs Fred Lindblom | Best Golfer On YouTube | Match 3

In this match, Fredrick Lindblom faced off versus in this Finest Golfer On YouTube Match.

See as the 2 play at and see who comes out on top.

Take a look at Fred and Hannah's channels here

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My BEST of the year! vs | | Match 3

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  1. Loving these videos! Keep them coming. Give me a shout if you’re looking for the worst golfer on YouTube πŸ˜‚

  2. Fred and Hannah are by far the best golfing couple out there IMO. Thanks for getting them on your channel Pete. You both played well, love watching good golf with good vibes. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  3. Thank you so much for having us both on Pete! This was a great match and looking forward to Hannah’s video too.

  4. How have we not seen more of Fred?! Gotta get him into a 4some with you, Fryer, and Carter. I’d watch that on repeat

  5. Pete, Pete, Pete!!!!!! your breaking my heart Pal. I am routing for you every match and twice now you have wet the bed mate. LOL No worries mate, I am still on your side and I will be cheering you on for the next one, praying for a better outcome. Another great video and lots of fun to watch. Shout to Kieran for taking one for the team right out of the gate in this video, be thick skinned Pal and keep moving forward.

  6. Hi Pete, I think your channel is one of the best of its type on YouTube. I also think this series is an amazing idea, however, when are you going to take on players I’ve actually heard of?

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